DIY Minimalist Wooden Racks: 3 Functions, 3 Ways


At Remodelista, we’re ever on the lookout for household tools that are plastic-free and pleasingly simple. Bonus points for DIY projects that fit this criteria and deserve to be put on display. Here are three examples that feel pleasingly summery (but stand ready for year-round use).

They’re the work of Manda and Caitlin McGrath who collaborate on the cooking and design blog The Merry Thought. Manda is based in Western NY; Caitlin formerly lived nearby but has since moved to Colorado. They’re related by marriage and a shared ability to pull together rooms with artful, handmade designs that cost very little.

Photography courtesy of The Merry Thought.

DIY wooden dish rack from The Merry Thought.
Above: Caitlin made this DIY Minimal Wooden Dish Rack as part of her $200 kitchen remodel for her brother’s rental apartment.

“I’m definitely one of those people who fully washes their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher,” she writes (also adding that she and her brother don’t have dishwashers). “To me a dishwasher is basically just a big ‘ol drying rack where guests don’t have to see all your dishes laying out on the counter.”

DIY herb-drying hoop from The Merry Thought.
Above: Make your own dried herbs using this DIY Herb Drying Rack. Caitlin put this one together using a hoop from a crafts store, but you can make own from a wire clothes hanger. Sage, rosemary, lavender, and lemon balm are some of the herbs she recommends for air drying.
DIY Laundry Drying Rack from The Merry Thought.
Above: Manda made this DIY Drying Rack for her own family, and has been putting it to daily use for everything from dish towels to wet bathing suits. The hanging rods slide, so they can be spaced as needed.

Find materials lists and instructions for each of these projects at The Merry Thought.

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