Best plastic-free household items for an eco-friendly lifestyle


Plastic-Free Household Items

There are endless sustainable alternatives out there now that we’re trying to minimise our impact on the environment. A great way to achieve this is by cutting out plastic – one of the biggest villains to our ecosystem.

We’ve rounded up some of the best plastic-free household items to make those easy changes to your lifestyle. We believe that cutting out plastic goes a long way, so these switches could help you do your daily bit for the planet.

Want to take further action? Organise a beach clean near you, reduce your plastic waste or take up the plastic challenge for a month.

Best plastic-free household items 2022

Your Nature Natural Deodorant

This stick of natural deodorant from Your Nature is 100% plastic-free and it also ticks lots of boxes in regards to sustainability. The packaging itself is fully recyclable and the deodorant is vegan, containing no animal products and being tested on no animals at any point.

There are a number of scents to choose from – including lavender and bergamot, and lemongrass with tea tree. It’s also made in the UK with no artificial or harmful components to allow your skin to breathe naturally. Plus, organic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil can have positive effects on the skin.

SuperBee Dentos Eco Toothpaste Tabs

Natural toothpaste tabs work differently to your usual tube of toothpaste. All you do is put the tab in your mouth and chew them until it foams, then brush your teeth as you normally would. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic tubes, and this 100-tab pack from SuperBee Dentos is plastic-free.

The toothpaste tabs are vegan and contain only natural ingredients. They’re a great eco-friendly choice as they contain no fluoride or palm oil. A nice bonus is that they can easily be carried when travelling, as there are no liquids there’ll be no problems when flying.

LoofCo Washing-Up Pad

For an eco-friendly alternative to washing-up sponges, these pads from LoofCo are 100% biodegradable and plastic-free. The pads are designed to expand and soften in water, allowing for flexibility when washing curved or tight dishes. They’re handmade in Egypt using natural loofah plant.

The pads can be machine washed to keep them fresh, but when their time is up, just pop them into your compost bin to decompose.

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Who Gives A Crap are becoming an increasingly popular sustainable choice for toilet paper, possibly partly thanks to its memorable name and colourful packaging. But the paper speaks for itself: it’s made from 100% recycled paper and the packaging is completely plastic free.

Its recycled toilet paper was voted #1 Most Sustainable by The Natural Resources Defence Council. As a bonus, the company donates 50% of their profits to charities that help build toilets in developing countries around the world.

Smol – Subscription Laundry Capsules

For a convenient alternative for laundry capsules, Smol offers plastic-free, eco-friendly capsules delivered through your letterbox. Its laundry capsule packs, as well as its dish-wash packs, contain no plastic while its fabric conditioner bottles are made using recycled plastic.

Smol claims that its laundry capsules have been tested against industry standards where they perform equal to or better than leading brands. The capsules can be bio or non-bio and they come in child-friendly packaging.

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Kitchen Towel

Cheeky Panda products contain no plastic and its eco-friendly kitchen towels are made using bamboo. Bamboo is used as a more environmentally friendly alternative as it grows faster than most trees and produces more oxygen. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal while being hypo-allergenic and resistant to odours.

It uses 100% FSC-certified virgin bamboo with these kitchen towels. Each roll has around 100 2-ply sheets of tissue and the pack comes with two rolls.

Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart

This chart is not completely free from plastic as it’s laminated, but it’s something that you’d only need to buy once. It lists a wide range of practical tips for natural cleaning at home using household items. Using products like bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and distilled white vinegar, Liz Cook’s Natural Cleaning chart – one of a wide range of beautifully illustrated charts to stick on your fridge – can helpfully instruct you with secret tips to getting the most out of your cleaning without using harmful chemicals such as bleach, or buying plastic-filled products.

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are the perfect alternative to plastic. The handles are biodegradable, made using bamboo from an FSC-certified forest. The brushes are made with nylon however, but this is to ensure that they’re strong enough to give your teeth a proper clean.

EcoLiving Dust Pan & Brush

This vintage-looking set is 100% plastic-free. Both handles are made from beech wood, while the pan is metal and the brush bristles are made from coir from coconuts – making the brush compostable. The metal pan can also double up as a shovel for everyday sweeping!

EcoLiving Plastic-Free Toilet Brush & Holder

The handmade toilet brush is 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and vegan. Made in Germany, the holder is metal and the brush is made using FSC-certified beech wood and other sustainable materials. A plastic-free toilet brush is particularly environmentally friendly because of the microplastics that plastic brushes can shed into the water.

Recycled Bin Bags

Bristol-based Essential Trading offer these bin bags made using post-consumer recycled plastic. They even use waste plastic from their own offices to contribute to their recycled plastic material. Claimed to be strong, these could be a solid alternative to plastic bin bags.

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