Bathroom storage does not have to be some dull affair, it can be decorative and efficient with these creative ideas


So let us dive into these wonderful creative ideas that will decorate your bathroom storage with elegance and comfort.
1. Utilize the Corner
There is always a corner that is left unused, decorates it while making bathroom storage If there are children in the house maybe you can put up the shelf higher. Keep the least used product on top, for example, towel rolls. If you are a millennium you probably might struggle with space. Floating shelves may also be used in this regard, more is discussed later.

Keep a bar stool near the shelf to reach the highest shelf or to keep the basket of toiletries over it. All in all, utilize each space.

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2. Bathroom Vanities Can Add as a Storage
This is quite a modern and a handy trend, if you are still using a slim sink that does not help you utilize space maybe these vanity sinks can help you, they come in both double and single. Each shall provide you with a lot of space to spread out your cosmetics, keeping a beautiful toothbrush holder for your toothpaste and brushes is very easier with the bathroom vanities as they help you keep them at hand’s length.

3. Floating Shelves
 Floating shelves is always a go-to. Maybe once a fancy picnic basket gone old, why not use it to store a few toothbrush holders and soaps for the family. Maybe hang two or three baskets pretty high so that a laundry sorter can be placed below.

4. Baskets Are Always a Warm Decorative Store
An unused picnic basket can groom your washroom with tissue rolls and the towels rolls. Hang a few at a time with some ropes or chains.

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5. Got a Bar Cart? There You Go!
Bar carts are excellent use for toilet storage. The added advantage of the moving cart is that you can place it wherever you want and it is a classy and witty bathroom storage idea, it is like a moving shelf!

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
The place where your mirror is placed can be used to a full extent. You can buy a cabinet with a mirror on the door, excellent for a small home. Your accessories are at arm’s length while you are looking at yourself in the mirror.

7. Efficiency of Ladder
The ladder is sometimes used, and most times left in the attic, why not use it for magazine hanging, toilet rolls, and various stuff. These can even be used as towel hangers.

8. Timeless Clutter Solver
A medicine cabinet may be an old use but ever so efficient. They are well built and gives you the knack for organizing. Keep a toothbrush holder inside, maybe a laundry sorter beside and towel holder over that, you got yourself the whole storage organized.

8. Towel Warmer
There must be one family member who leaves the wet uncomfortable towel lying around, or maybe this is a high humidity home and who would not like to use a warm dry towel after a busy day out. The very rush of going out every day in the morning will perhaps leave your towel untidy and wet. But coming home and coming out of the shower to a warm dry towel can be a reality with a towel warmer.

10. Built-in Walls Cabinet
Now, these are huge space savers. They are on the wall, how efficient is that. Maybe you are building your hotel and home, keep the built-in shelves and cabinet in the wall in your mind, because these come quite handy as bathroom storage not to mention the life ti8me storing in comfort.

11. Arts and Crafts
 Go through some salvages and trashes, any idea on how to recycle these can be taken to reality., maybe there is a sale at the shipyard or a cabinet unit at the salvage stores. With some towel holders for use, these are a low-cost investment that provides the full bathroom storage beneficiary.

12. Bins to the Rescue
Another low budget option could be some inexpensive bins and jars from the 1 to 99 or dollar stores. These are colorful, beautiful and you can keep them in the bathroom since they do not get wet.

13. Wall Racks
Wall racks are a great way to efficiently use that niche. The racks can be like the floating shelves, you can hang them anywhere, use that excess unused space and remove some clutter from the ground.

14. Various Bathroom Utilities
If you do your laundry in the bathroom or based on where your washing machine is a laundry sorter can always come handy. For your towel to hang a beautiful towel bar, and for warm soft towel a towel warmer.

15. Glass Canisters or Jars
Few glass canisters to hold the little necessities are very efficient. The little delicate stuff that needs to be kept sanitized and dry for use are kept and store in the glass canisters in the best way. They are see-through and airtight.

16. Mounted Wood Shelf
A wooden shelf made especially for bathroom storage is of grandeur. Now the wood is a material that is timeless. Whether it is for your home or your own restaurant at the downtown, a wooden shelf will last longer, the floating shelves would be timeless.

17. Artistic Jute Products
For a rustic vintage look, some artistic jute products can bring a whole new style to your bathroom storage. Some jute bags and hanging baskets can give your bathroom storage a whole new look. And a plus side to these jute products, they are environment-friendly. You could hang some bags together with a rope too, the full eco-friendly jute experience.

18. Plastic Holders for Shower Place
The budget-friendly storage solution for the bathroom would be handing plastic jars or shelves, colorful and illuminating… One other advantage is that no need to worry about these getting wet, just keep a roll of tissues at the top shelf.

19. Mason Jars
A few beautiful mason jars to use as a toothbrush holder or keeping the small things like cotton buds and cotton balls, as a handwash dispenser is quite elegant as storage. These in combined with a towel warmer and a towel holder, voila, you got yourself beautiful bathroom storage.

20. Sliding Curtain Door Décor
The old basins and sink in the bathroom have a slim pipe and a niche around that. Why waste that shallow space onstead another cheap yet beautiful and efficient bathroom storage idea is to add a curtain from that sink or basin and store your bathroom accessories.

The idea od storage does not have to be an unpleasant experience rather these creative bathroom storage ideas can change the look and comfort of your storage space.

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