Another barn insulation thread, Im sorry


Between researching and dealing with a cold barn I'm ready to do something but am worried about long term effects.

30x42x16, built around 2005 I think. Upstate NY

The plan is to put liner panels on the interior, likely white. Run all MC cable for outlets and lights on the surface.

Since I can't/won't put house wrap under the exterior metal, am I limited to building out with 2x4's and putting in r13 bats in order to keep an air gap? I really don't want to worry about mold or rust.

Do I caulk at the bottom to keep critters out? I think it has the foam filler pieces but they definitely don't touch the panels 100%.

I'm getting a quote from diy pole barns for an insulation kit, not sure what that comes with or what I'll be required to add for structure.

Maybe I'll use rockwool r23?

Horizontal girts or vertical studs? Going flush with the 6x6's would be nice but not a requirement on my part. I'm not really a 'hang stuff on the walls' kind of guy. Maybe a white board, drill chart, and paper towel holder.

Ceiling... rafters are 48" OC, so do I fir on 24" centers, liner panel, blow in a bunch of something?

Vapor barrier before the liner panels?

Thanks in advance. I'm going crazy if you can't already tell. :lol_hitti

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