An Eclectic Interior Filled With Modern And Classic Collisions


Located within the Jazz residential complex in Moscow, Russia, this stylish apartment boasts 4.5 metre high ceilings and impressively large windows. Designed by Lake & Walls, the home interior is spacious and welcoming, dashed with colour and intriguing eclectic decoration. A mezzanine level holds a bedroom and a home workspace that looks out over the view of the city. The apartment’s generously sized kitchen is situated underneath the mezzanine, along with the bathroom and entryway. A second bedroom is tucked behind a partition in the living room. Inside, a Murphy bed leaves floor space clear during the day, and a space-saving staircase climbs to a small mezzanine dressing room.

Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

A modern curved sofa and a classically inspired chandelier mark out a lounge area within the open plan living room. Perspex coffee tables store a busy collection of books at the centre.

A tan leather chair backs onto a sliding partition that builds a wall of warming wood tone. The television is a small afterthought, mounted casually onto the corner of the concrete window recess.

Wood herringbone flooring expands across the living room, whilst decorative tiles pattern the hallway and home entryway.

Behind the curved sofa in the living room, a wooden small pedestal dining table and modern black dining chairs make up a contrasting set.

A black swing arm wall lamp stretches over the eating area. The interesting table centrepiece is an Interconnect candle holder, designed by Colin King Studio for Menu.

The dining room and lounge areas stand open to the kitchen in the spacious apartment layout.

The mezzanine master bedroom is accessed via an attractive staircase design with arched metal balustrades.

The hallway’s tiled floor interlinks with the kitchen to provide a hardwearing, easy clean finish. A peninsula separates the culinary space from the adjacent living areas. Two kitchen stools pair up at a breakfast bar along the edge.

Wood framing gives the white kitchen a retro aesthetic, along with antique bronze shell cup handles.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances give the retro U-shaped kitchen a modern shake up.

Classic art pieces adorn the walls.

The tall living room partition leads to a two-level dressing room, which is split by a small mezzanine. This room also serves as a second bedroom, with a murphy bed hidden within the bank of ground-floor units. An eye-catching ​​bedroom chandelier drops rich colour into the unique room design.

A space-saving staircase design climbs to the second story closets. Glass bricks borrow light from the large living room next door.

When the side room is opened to the living room, and the Murphy bed closed up, the additional space alludes to a library.

A unique floor lamp illuminates the desk/vanity table.

Classic coving and panel moulding decorate the Murphy bed concealment wall and the surrounding units.

An arched bookshelf makes an elegant statement over the head of the Murphy bed unit.

Decorative stucco relief fills the span of the arch.

Two modern wall sconces are tucked away inside to provide reading light over the pillows.

Up on the mezzanine dressing room, the floor is tiled with the same black and white design as is utilised in the kitchen and hallway.

A tall wall mirror echoes the arch of the built-in bookshelf on the lower level. The bold mid century modern chair is the Silver Hand chair by Pedro Friedeberg.

Moving on into the large mezzanine bedroom above the living room, we find a deep decor scheme of bitter chocolate. This single dark colour completely encases the bedroom to blur the line of the low ceiling, and to conjure added depth.

The dark wall and ceiling colour also evokes a cosy sense of sanctuary and encourages sleep.

In contrast with the dark decor palette, a crisp white home office desk is set up against the mezzanine balustrade.

Placed here, the workspace gains great views of the city via the towering living room windows.

An antique chair is paired with the modern minimalist desk design.

A sheer white curtain closes the bedroom off from the city at night. A golden bedside table lamp emits a restful glow.

The bedside tables are integrated into the wooden headboard design, which keeps them tidily floating clear of the floor.

Bespoke storage units are installed behind the headboard wall to maximise space.

Modern wall sconces brighten the dark bedroom design.

Small art pieces and a red accent chair provide welcome pops of vibrant colour.

A collection of antique chess boards creates a colourful statement that descends down the staircase.

A unique bathroom sink unit is gloriously illuminated by natural light from a glass brick wall. Above the glass bricks, a custom cut mirror reflects fabulous ceiling art. Elegant wall sconces burn at either side of a chic oval vanity mirror.

Decorative vases prettily adorn the silver vanity countertop. Wooden shelves appear to extrude from a matching wooden wall panel to display toiletries, small knick-knacks, and a fresh scented reed diffuser.

At the opposite side of the room, the shower enclosure is smartly framed in brass.

A classic painting is hung alongside a modern stainless steel towel heater. Contemporary ceiling lights cross the traditional ceiling mural.

The WC is tucked into a private chamber, away from the rest of the bathroom facilities. A retro pistachio toilet is paired with a modern steel flush plate.

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