Adjustable Suction 360 Shower Head Holder


Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 11.95

Forget worrying about shower heads falling on you with these adjustable shower holders! 

  • Punch-free universal shower bracket is made of ABS material, durable and sturdy.

  • The bathroom shower head holder is 360 degrees adjustable to meet different needs.
  • Suction cup fixed base has strong adsorption force, firmly adsorb the wall, not easy to fall.
  • An adjustable shower holder is a universal international 4-point interface, suitable for most showers.
  • A wall-mounted shower stand can also put the shower, towel, bathing ball, and more.



Material: ABS.
Size: 16.2x7cm.
Color: yellow, white, black, gray.

Package Included:
1 x Shower Holder
1 x Non-Marking Sticker

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