8 RV Bathroom Door Ideas To Save Space


over the door pocket organizer
Try a clear pocket organizer for more RV bathroom storage space

Get More Space With These RV Bathroom Door Ideas

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to store things more effectively and save space in the RV.

Because the bathroom door provides us with so much uninterrupted wall space, we can use it to hang and store a wide variety of items. This is one of the best camper storage hacks. Our bathroom countertop is no longer cluttered! The most challenging part is deciding which of the many bathroom door storage options to use. 

In this article, we discuss our favorite RV bathroom door ideas, giving you some inspiration for creating your own extra RV storage space. Maybe you’ll clear your bathroom counter of clutter too!

1. Over-the-door pocket organizer

I think I’ve decided this is my favorite way to use the bathroom door for organization. As the name suggests, an over-the-door pocket organizer hangs over the door, so there is no need for any screws. I love that the many small pockets make it easy to organize and store toiletries and other bathroom necessities. 

I like to dedicate one pocket to bandages, another to ponytail holders, another to combs and brushes, and give each bottle of soap or shampoo a pocket of its own. This makes it easy to find what I need, when I need it. 

2. Mounted baskets

Want to store bigger things on the bathroom door? Door-mounted baskets might be a better option for you. Baskets are great because they can fit things like towels and shampoo bottles.

We appreciate that baskets are not just functional but also serve as decor. Finally, if you can find a way to hang the baskets in such a way that they can be removed, they become even more useful, as you can easily move the contents from one place to another. 

3. Portable hanging RV shower caddy

A portable hanging RV shower caddy is another fantastic option. Like baskets, shower caddies tend to be large enough for big bottles of shampoo and body wash.

Perhaps the best thing about this RV bathroom door storage idea is the fact that you can leave all of your shower necessities packed up and out of the way, and you can easily grab the caddy right off the door, fold it up, and head to the bathhouse. The caddy can then be hung in the bathhouse shower, keeping everything off the ground and within easy reach. 

4. Hanging towel rack

One thing smaller RVs never seem to have a dedicated space for is towels. Considering how dirty RVing can be, this is a huge oversight. Towels are definitely a need when RV camping, and you’ll likely even want to have extras on hand for unexpected messes. This is where a hanging towel rack can come into play to save the day. 

5. Command hooks

If you want to avoid screwing hooks into the wall and are looking for a simple and inexpensive option, you might look into Command hooks. These are awesome because they stick to the wall with an extra strong adhesive. Not only that, they can also be removed without damaging the wall or door.

There are some larger hooks available that can hold quite a lot of weight. These heavy duty options work very well for towels, shower bags, etc, and they are the perfect, quick and easy addition to any RV bathroom door. 

6. Wall-mounted toothbrush holder and organizer

If you’re trying to organize an RV bathroom with no countertop and limited wall space (such as a wet bath setup), you might be having a hard time finding a place to put things like toothbrushes and soap. The door can help with that too. 

One of our favorite RV bathroom door ideas for people in this situation is a hanging toothbrush holder and organizer. This handy organization station will keep your soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other small bathroom items organized, easy to find, and ready to be used. 

7. Swiveling towel bars

One of the fun parts of camping is spending time in the lake, river, ocean, or pool. Besides that, you do have to shower sometimes, even when camping. For this reason, there will always be wet towels to contend with. While we much prefer hanging these outdoors, there are some campgrounds that don’t allow it. Additionally, rainy weather sometimes makes this impossible. 

In these cases, these swiveling towel bars are the perfect solution. They fold out of the way when not in use, fan out to ensure all towels can dry completely, and hang quite nicely on the back of a bathroom door. 

8. Magnetic whiteboard

The final addition to our list of RV bathroom door ideas is a magnetic whiteboard. We like this idea for the outside of the door that faces the hallway or living area, so everyone can see it and use it throughout the day. 

Whiteboards are perfect for leaving messages for the family and yourself. They can be used to jot down reminders, and if you use a magnetic board, you can also use it to hang up campground paperwork and other important papers. Some whiteboards even come with hooks attached, meaning they can double as a place to hang bags, keys, or jackets. 

As you can see, there are tons of awesome RV bathroom door ideas that can help keep your RV organized and clutter-free. This makes camping easier and more enjoyable.

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