7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious


Lets face it! The first room we visit before starting our day, and the last room to wash off all days worries, is our bathroom. Just imagine the opulent feel, if this bathroom gives the same luxurious touch as that of a five-star hotels suite.

We can help you achieve the same level of excellence, with some amazing tricks. A luxury shower panel, elegantly designed thematic accessories, professional lighting, and voila!

You have it in your personal space!

Here are seven ingenious ways to make your bathroom look luxurious:

Install a Luxury Shower Panel

When you decide to install a luxury shower panel in your bathroom, you are lifting the game instantaneously.

The shower panels are generally made up of stainless steel, with a classy and chic finish. The customized options for shower turn this aesthetically pleasing piece of tech into a lavish experience.

LED display, thermostat controls, massage features, relaxing lights with motion sensors, and much more; luxury shower panels take comfort, class, and elegance a class apart!

Mount a Statement Mirror

The addition of a beautiful statement mirror does wonders for your bathrooms look. The moment someone enters it, his attention is drawn to timeless beauty.

You can choose from a variety of styles, such as Venetian, Moroccan, retro, funky, and many more. Youll be surprised how even a simple, round, oversized mirror can bring such a classy impact to your otherwise boring bathroom.

Small things make a difference. You dont need to go overboard with expensive items, when your meticulous eye to style, can make the impact.

Place Beautifully Scented Candles

A luxurious experience doesnt only involve aesthetically pleasing visuals. Your five senses play the game. The level of elegance is unmatched when a highly lavish-looking bathroom smells heavenly too.

Add some scented candles near the bathtub and sink, along with the regular accessories. Mix and match the candles color with the whole theme of your bathroom. Get the feeling of a spa with your pretty, fragrant candles, at your place.

Put Classy Containers

If you are creating plush heaven, dont forget the containers for your toiletries. Get some beautiful glass dispensers to put your soap, body wash, shampoo, and other stuff.

Liquid soap with a pretty scented candle and a small indoor plant in a cute vase, near the sink, speaks luxury.

Use Indoor plants

Plants in the bathroom?

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about indoor plants in your bathroom.

Dont worry; these plants not just bring a touch of nature in your space but also give the ultimate opulent feel. Try arranging the plants varying in stature, texture, and height together in a manner that generates interest and profundity.

Many plants thrive in the atmosphere a bathroom has to offer, which means you dont need to take extra care of these plants. Some of the worth-keeping plants for bathroom are Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, Boston fern, Heart-leaf Philodendron, English Ivy, and many others.

Add Large-scale Lighting

If youre about to invest in one thing, in your bathroom, to make an impression on how lush the room feels, pick up your lighting!

All the striking, elegant, and luxurious items in your bathroom wont deliver their best until there is enough lighting to highlight them. Large-Scale lighting is the most important way to give away the deluxe feel.

In this era of the selfie-obsessed generation, a stylish, well-lit bathroom is the most popular place. This is the reason youll find the heavily decorated, modish five-star hotels bathrooms, brightly lit.

Invest in good lights all over your bathroom. Put some lights on the ceiling, on the walls, and most importantly, near the mirror, to make touchups fun for the ladies.

Hang Gigantic Art

Nothing speaks luxury quite like a piece of art!

An enormous piece of art on your bathroom wall is bound to grasp attention. Even with a small space, you can rock the wall hanging. Isnt it amazing that you can change the whole look through this exciting, artistic addition?

You can choose from a variety of black and white paintings or pick some abstract art to make it the center of attention for every person who visits.

A little piece of advice: make sure your painting is properly framed to safeguard it against humidity, moisture, and steam.

Lets Wrap Up

Isnt it fascinating that its the little things that create a big difference?

Here are those little efforts that can get you an instant spa style, right at your place:

  • Swapping a plastic soap dispenser for a ceramic one
  • Replacing your toilet brush holder
  • Rolling your towels and putting them on display in immaculate little piles Adding a fuzzy new hand towel
  • Putting glass jars to display products, like cotton wool and cotton buds stylishly

Go ahead! Treat yourself with a luxury shower panel, add some accessories, funk it up a little and enjoy your time even in your bathroom.

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