5 Makeover Ideas for a Unique Bathroom



Sometimes, your bathroom just needs a little makeover. Something to give it the unique life and personality it had when it was brand new and just thriving with its own style. If your bathroom has been looking a little worn and tired lately, then maybe that is a sign it needs a little upgrade. But, youre not all too sure about giving your bathroom a little makeover because youre afraid of all the work it requires. Well, fear not because Kingston has you covered. Our little list of ways you can vamp up your bathroom effortlessly will save you all the frustrations and hair-pulling of a traditional remodel. We are sure you will find ways you can make your bathroom as unique and one-of-a-kind as you are.


Vibrant Vanities

Nothing says one-of-a-kind than color. Make the little upgrade project easy on yourself with paint and a vanity. If your vanity has been looking a little old and dingy lately, then consider painting it a bright and loud color to bring back life into your bathroom. Choose colors that will compliment your style and personality while also drawing in the eyes of all your guests.

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Constructed out of stainless steel, this vanity top is built for long-lasting durability while offering contemporary stylings. The Kingston Commercial 49 Stainless Steel Sink with Iron Bathroom Console Sink Base features a washbasin and metal base that can be accented with a handful of finish options.

Avant-garde Wallpaper

Dont knock down walls and gut your bathroom completely just to give your bathroom a small upgrade. Save yourself the dust and debris of a remodel with the wallpaper of your choice. Wallpaper may seem like the thing your grandparents used to design their bathrooms, but wallpaper is as in style as ever. They can give your bathroom all the drama and style anyone can ask in just a few yards of paper. So, if you are into the idea of an easy fix to your dull bathroom, invest in some designer wallpaper.

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This all-inclusive set of bathroom accessories features intricate detailing for a luxurious and astonishing style. Any bathroom will be given an added boost of opulence from these coordinated pieces. One towel bar, towel ring, two robe hooks, and a toilet paper holder are included for all of your hanging storage needs.


Bathroom Backsplashes

Backsplashes are for more than just your kitchen. If you have been looking into ways to bring a little pizzazz to your bathroom without the unnecessary hammer and shovel, then consider installing bright and stylish backsplashes. Unique backsplashes can act as an accent to your bathrooms current style, enhancing it and elevating its style. Give your bathroom a little boost in its visual appeal with a couple of handfuls of glass or ceramic backsplash tiles.

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Kingston Brass vessel sink faucets perfectly complement the exquisite artistry of vessel sinks. Designed to handle the extra clearance needed for pairing with a vessel sink, this faucet boasts 9-1/2 inch of spout clearance. The Kaiser Single-Handle Vessel Sink Faucet and its featured sturdy brass construction and premium brushed nickel finish are guaranteed to glamorize your homes modern ensemble for years to come.

Textured Statement Wall

Dont go knocking down walls just for a small bathroom upgrade. Rather, enhance your boring walls into statement walls. Give it a unique color and texture with any style you can imagine. If you are looking for some drama and color in your bathroom, then this ingenious idea is the one for you. With just a couple of buckets of cement and paint, you can remake your bathroom into one of unique style and flair.

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This Freestanding Towel Holder is constructed from stainless steel for durable and reliable use. The contemporary design of this towel stand makes it suitable for both transitional and contemporary home decors. The 3 sliding rods, slide from end to end allowing the user different towel hanging configurations.

Shower Features

Every shower deserves to be the statement piece in the bathroom, so why not make your shower just that. Install some flashy shower accessories to give your bathroom the color and personality it has been missing. With brass-colored shower faucets or accessories, your shower will enhance your bathrooms aesthetic and bring your bathroom back to life.

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With a timeless and transitional design, the Magellan Shower Faucet is a great choice for any home bathroom. The shower system is constructed from solid brass for durability and reliability. It also utilizes a pressure balanced valve to prevent any unexpected spikes or drops in temperature. Complete with an easy-to-turn single lever handle, an optimum bathing experience awaits.


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