5 DIY Dollar Tree Small Space Organizing Hacks


Are you living in an RV? These 5 DIY dollar tree small space organizing hacks by Grateful Glamper are life changers. Maximize your space the best that you can with these simple items. They are all cheap and very useful! If you have a small room, these can also be great storage solutions. Watch the video below for more bonus tips.


1. DIY Towel holder

From the dollar tree, buy three napkin holders and some zip ties. Stack the three together and secure them using the zip ties. Cut off all of the ends. Be careful with the end of the zip ties as they can be sharp. You can use a nail file or sandpaper on the sharp spot. Put them in a closet where you store your towels. This will stop all of them from falling or getting messed up when someone grabs one.

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Small Space Organizing Hacks Towel holder
Image by: Grateful Glamper





2. DIY under table organizer

You need the wire baskets and removable hooks from the dollar tree for this one. This can hold up to two pounds. You are going to mount the baskets under the table using the hooks. You can use this for cords or chargers that are near an outlet or you can use it to store your pens.

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Small Space Organizing Hacks Charger holder
Image by: Grateful Glamper


3. Wire racks

Pick up the cabinet shelves at the dollar tree. Put them in your cabinets to give you more storage.

4. Bedside storage

Don’t have any bedside table to put your things on? Here is an easy and cheap solution. For this hack, you need a removable hook and wire basket from the dollar tree. Hang it up near your bed to give you more storage to put your charger or things that you use at night that you don’t want on your bed.

5. Soft-sided storage Bin DIY

Pick the rugs on the soft lines section of the dollar tree. The first thing you need to do is to cut off the tags. You can use yarn or fabric hot glue. Start by laying the rug out and putting glue on the fringe side. Fold the fringe down but be careful as it is hot. The dollar tree has silicone fingertip covers you can use. Repeat on the other side. Now fold it in half with the fringe in and only glue three-quarters of the way down. Fold the unglued part and put glue around the edges. Hold it in a shape of a T until the glue dries. Repeat the same process on the other side. Once done, turn it inside out. If you are in an RV, use an anti-skid shelf liner when traveling.



5 DIY Small Space Organizing Hacks

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