44 Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Ultimate Self-Care


The best self-care Mother’s Day gifts in the world can’t top the one thing that’s hard to wrap, and that’s time. It sounds cliché, but it’s true: While time could mean a one-on-one playdate with her mini(s) or an actual date with her partner, Mom probably wants some uninterrupted me-moments most of all.

Encouragement to do things that truly replenish her physically, mentally, and emotionally will be the most welcome gift for any mom figure in your life. Ahead are 44 self-care Mother’s Day gift ideas to get you started.

The best self-care Mother’s Day gifts at a glance:

Wellness gifts:

The Now Gift Card — $50.00

On top of getting Mom a gift card for a relaxing massage, this gesture should come with a ride to the nearest parlor to make sure she uses it. That won’t be an issue if you gift credit to The Now, which is a series of unfussy (but still luxe) massage boutiques that began in Los Angeles but have now spread across the country in over 130 locations.

Slow North Neck Wrap — $54.00

You may think you’re hunched over your phone and laptop at all hours of the day—but add a child to the mix? Mom’s in a perpetual state of hunched-ness, so this neck wrap can be a literal warm welcome to ease her body. While she could technically throw some frozen peas at the problem, we love that these wraps are hand-made in Austin, Texas, and can be warmed up in the microwave for heat therapy (in around one minute!) or cooled in the freezer for cold therapy. The handles make it easy to apply anywhere she’s achy and the prints make the whole thing a bit more personal.

The Fullest Warm Feelings Sachets — $46.00

If you can’t be there in person, these latte powders are essentially a big hug in a cup. The caffeine-free mix includes saffron, coconut water powder, cardamom, and tapioca; once warmed up, the whole thing smells so good you’ll be lucky if you can eek out a sachet for yourself when you come to visit.

Hot Water Bottle Rubber with Soft Cover — $13.00

A classic form of body ache relief is a rubber hot water bottle, and if she already has one, spice up her routine with a new slipcover. This under-$15 gift looks way more expensive than it actually costs, and it has a large anti-leak stopper so she can rest dry and easy.

Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat — $50.00

While we’re all for personalization when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, there’s nothing wrong with taking hints from the crowd for a guaranteed hit. This Nekteck massager is one of the top-selling wellness and relaxation products on Amazon, with over 36,000 five-star reviews. Customers applaud its ability to soothe herniated disc issues, provide relief from neck stiffness, and subsequently improve their range of motion.

Intelligent Change Night Notes Journal — $20.00

Whether she’s going through postpartum changes, perimenopause, menopause, or just the general business of having a uterus, hormone-induced insomnia is real. This journal will help her clear her mind before sleep, whether she’s writing down tomorrow’s to-dos, penning brilliant midnight ideas, or recalling her dreams.

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om — $42.00

Mom’s way of unwinding may be with her fingers wrapped around something warm and inviting, so throw Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om into the mix to really get the relaxation going. The pink powder tastes as good as it looks (a subtle berry flavor) and can help with things like sluggishness, irritability, or general aches and pains.

Bodily Care for Birth Box — $89.00

When putting together a registry or baby shower list, one of the most forgotten items is a little something for the soon-to-be mom. (And, yes, you can absolutely gift the pregnant woman in your life a Mother’s Day gift!) This box contains everything the new mom will need to take care of her body and ensure she doesn’t forget to take care of herself in the early postpartum weeks.

Beauty gifts:

Paume Overnight Hydration Gloves — $14.00

Have her hands seen better days? These hydrating gloves from Paume are made of soft organic cotton and, when paired with a restorative balm, can work wonders for dry, cracked, and overworked hands overnight. Yes, really. Side effects include not being able to tap away at her phone before bed, which is plus in our book.

Chillhouse The Chill Line Chill Tips — $16.00

If Mom laments not having enough time to get her nails done, give her some easy-to-use press-ons for a near-instant manicure. We like Chill Tips because they come in minimalist designs, are easy to use, and look just like a gel mani without the wait (or price tag).

OSEA Miracle Moisture Trio — $64.00

A hallmark of aging skin is dryness, and if she’s been looking to get her glow back, stop her search with this simple duo from OSEA (a woman—and mom—owned beauty brand). It includes a serum that restores the skin’s moisture barrier and a rich cream that softens and smoothes out the skin. Each product smells like the dreamiest ocean breeze, with a hydrating wear that feels like silk.

Wonder Valley Serum & Stone — $132.00

A first-thing self-care ritual can do wonders, and if she’s into skin care, she’ll love starting a Gua Sha practice. This set actually comes from a brand that specializes in oils, which is a natural segue into lymphatic drainage. The serum is a mix of botanical oils that creates a comfortable, hydrated surface; the stone of choice is Mookaite Jasper, which is said to have cleansing and balancing properties.

Hatch Mama Must-Haves Kit — $128.00

Whether the expecting mom on your gift list is into beauty or doesn’t have any semblance of a routine, she’ll appreciate this pregnancy self-care gift set. It includes simple necessities that are safe for Mama and (soon to be earthside) Baby, like a nourishing belly oil, a cooling cream, and a protective lip and nipple balm that she can use now and later.

GHD Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler — $399.00

Meet the ultimate time-saver in hair styling; particularly if Mom has wavy or curly hair that she prefers to wear straight. With this Hot Air Styler, she won’t have to wait until her hair is dried to begin using—or worse, blow dry and then straighten. It’ll leave her with a bouncy blow-out style without the sputtering or frying that comes with flat ironing her hair before she ought to.

Westman Atelier The Petal Edition Set — $134.00

Westman Atelier is a beauty line founded by legendary makeup artist Gucci Westman. The products work on everyone, but especially for those with more mature skin and less time to get ready. This set—inspired by Westman’s daughter, Petal—includes a multi-purpose blush stick, a luxurious lip balm, and a highlighter, all in rose-pink hues that’ll impart a bouncy, juicy-looking glow to Mom’s face.

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase for Hair & Skin — $19.00

Keep the good hair day going and going with a satin pillowcase from Kitsch. Not only are these silk-soft places to rest her skin on, but they can help ward off hair breakage (especially if she does partake in frequent heat-styling).

Summer Fridays The Vault — $375.00

The bag speaks for itself. Gift her the ultimate at-home self-care set with Summer Fridays’ “vault” of products. The set includes 11 best-selling products that’ll give love to Mom’s skin from head to toe. She’ll get full sizes of everything from Summer Fridays’ now-classic Jet Lag Mask to its new Lip Butter Balm.

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar — $195.00

If she tends to favor beauty tips from her favorite actresses, gift mom this celeb-loved Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar. It’s a preferred face-contouring tool of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, and even Dempsey’s husband (yep!) McDreamy (Patrick Demspey) himself.

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro — $455.00

LED light therapy has been proven to be beneficial to the skin in a number of ways: diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, warding off acne, and reducing inflammation, to name just a few. If you’ve got a big budget to bestow on Mom, this trusted mask from Dr. Dennis Gross is all but guaranteed to be put to use each day.

Home gifts:

Creekside Farms Seasonal Wreath Subscription — $328.00

Flowers are great, but you know what’s even better? A subscription of wreaths that’ll welcome Mom and her guests with each season. This may be one of the most memorable gifts for any home enthusiast, but especially any mom figure who will think of you whenever she opens or closes her front door.

Tekla Set of Three Striped Organic Cotton Towels — $155.00

There’s nothing quite like frayed towel edges finding their way around your toes to completely snap you out of a relaxing shower experience. These organic cotton towels are as soft as they are beautiful, and will instantly add some pizzazz to her bathroom decor.

Cozy Earth Waffle Bath Robe — $170.00

Robes are a classic Mother’s Day gift for a reason. They’re as comfortable as a practical object can be— especially if you get one from the Oprah-loved brand, Cozy Earth. These waffle bath robes are made of viscose from bamboo which means they feel the opposite of dry and scratchy.

Lollia Imagine Bubble Bath — $70.00

Another trademark Mother’s Day gift is bubbly, for the bath. This is a top-rated item at Anthropologie because the vessel for the bubble bath is a visual gift, whether she puts it to use or not.

Spa Prive Bath Pillow — $20.00

If Mom is an avid bath-taker (good on her), then she’s probably been dreaming of a bath pillow to keep her comfortably propped up or languidly reposed during her favorite time of day.

Edie Parker Egg Pipe — $60.00

This isn’t your mama’s pipe—figuratively speaking, of course. This Edie Parker egg pipe is at the intersection of decor and practicality for cannabis lovers and will help her take Mom’s Day to new heights.

The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set — $289.00

Does Mom get night sweats? A set of linen sheets will help keep her cool—and look beautiful on her bed whether they’re done or undone. These sheets from The Citizenry are made in Portugal with a stone-washing method, which means they’re already broken in and primed for her most comfortable snoozes yet.

Newton Baby Pregnancy Pillow — $80.00

If you think you’re the most supportive thing in her life, guess again. A pregnancy pillow is another need for soon-to-be moms, and this one provides crucial support for her back and belly as she gets bigger. Newton (which specializes in baby mattresses) created a breathable pillow with extra memory foam that can be used now for side sleeping, and later as a regular body pillow.

Hatch Restore Sunrise Alarm Clock — $130.00

Yes, she may have given you a few rude awakenings as a moody teenager, but you can help Mom wake easily with the Hatch Restore (so much more than an) Alarm Clock. She can stream meditations, sound baths, and more on the clock, as well as adjust the lighting to transport her to faraway mountaintops and seasides.

Fable The Speckled Vase — $70.00

No Mother’s Day would be complete without flowers, and since you’re going to buy her some (set your reminder now) add a beautiful vase that she can reuse for her own arrangements. We love this jumbo ceramic vessel from Fable that’s suitable for the biggest, most glorious bouquets her dining room table can handle.

Diptyque Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Candle — $74.00

Mother’s Day always falls on the most springy of spring days, which makes us want to run out and buy the nearest bouquet. But what’s better than a bouquet (and longer-lasting)? A candle that smells like spring. And not just spring, but cherry blossoms. Diptyque’s newest scent is an ode to cherry blossom trees, and it’s a clean and floral scent she won’t be able to stop sniffing. And when she’s done, the empty glass makes for a gorgeous makeup brush holder she can keep forever.

Food gifts:

Cometeer Coffee Gift Box — $79.00

The art of pour-over may have never been her thing, but if she appreciates a solid cup of coffee, Cometeer is all she needs. The company partners with reputable roasters from all over the globe to create highly potent (and delicious) frozen coffee drops that instantly melt in water, but can also be brewed as ice coffee if she wants.

Uncommon Goods Heart-Shaped Tea Bags — $36.00

For some, self-care doesn’t happen unless there’s tea involved. These blends (five each of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and White Berry) come in cute heart-shaped bags that are guaranteed to make her smile.

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte With Heart Knob — $32.00

If she’s already a fan of Le Creuset, build out her collection (and keep the heart theme going) with a cute as heck cocotte for her best-ever casseroles.

Brightland The Artist Capsule — $150.00

There’s a time for bargain olive oil and there’s a time for fancy olive oil, and the latter is the only appropriate situation for Mother’s Day. Brightland makes inventive blends that you can bet Mom will almost certainly dub “the good oil” and may be so precious about them that she won’t even withstand opening the bottles. That’s okay, they’ll sit pretty on her counter in the meantime.

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set (12 Piece) — $395.00

Name a more frustrating cooking situation than non-stick pans that stick. It’s impossible! Self-care in the kitchen really does mean getting a set of pans that don’t require an arm workout après dinner and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any that are quite as beautiful and functional as the ones from Caraway.

Figlia Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo — $43.00

Has Mom always been more of an aperitif kind of gal, or is she extending Dry January through the rest of the year? Introduce her to Figlia. The ruby red drink has notes of orange, ginger, clove, and chamomile, for a sip that’s as comforting as it is invigorating.

Apparel gifts:

Lunya Off Duty Kit ​​ — $197.00

You know your mom better than anyone, so why not pick out her ultimate sleeping attire? With this customizable set from Lunya, you can choose the perfect long-sleeve and pant combination for Mom.

Sizes available: XS-XL (top and bottoms)
Colors: Brown, blue, black, grey, white
Material: Organic pima cotton

The M Jewelers Double Pave Butterfly Necklace — $100.00

Was your childhood filled with mommy-and-me outfits? This double pave necklace will be a nice homage to simpler times. The piece features a small and large crystal butterfly on gold vermeil chains.

Minnetonka Berkyn Booties — $25.00

Slippers are a foolproof gift on Mother’s Day, but if she needs a pair that provides a bit more coverage so she can wear them outside of the house, Minnetonka’s Brekyn shoes are the one. They’re so popular that they’re hard to find in-stock, but we get it. A boot that wears as comfortably as a sock, with a cute faux-shearling exterior? We’ll take a pair for ourselves.

Sizes available: Women’s 5 – 10
Colors: Pink, navy, and golden tan
Material: Polyester faux-shearling upper with a rubber sole

Parks Project Night Flower Friends Crewneck — $59.00

Originally $82, now $60

Parks Project is like a gigantic love letter to the States’ national parks—find cozy hoodies, crew necks, tees, mugs, and candles designed in homage to the great natural beauties like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, and more. Every purchase gives back to the National Parks, so if your mom is a big hiker and nature lover, she’ll love the cause. And she’ll also love how luxurious and soft this vintage-style crewneck will feel (the more you wash it, the softer it gets!).

Fitness gifts:

Hilma Running Shoes — $159.00

It can be hard to give shoes you know she needs as a surprise, so why not collaborate? Take Mom through Hilma’s fit quiz and get her a pair of running shoes that you’ll both know she’ll love.

Sizes available: Up to 45 size variations
Colors: Green, grey, purple
Material: Sugarcane-based foam and breathable mesh upper

Pointe Studio Reformer Loop Gift Box — $85.00

Pilates is a workout that people of all ages can participate in, including seniors, since it focuses on balance, strength, and flexibility. This gift box will help mom start or keep her practice going, with grippy socks, a non-slip inflatable ball, and a versatile resistance band that she can use on a mat or reformer.

Alo Moves Membership — $120.00

Make her on-demand yoga dreams come true with an Alo Moves membership. There are all kinds of classes—from yoga to barre to HIIT workouts and even meditation—that are offered for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.

ClassPass Gift Card — $50.00

We know it may seem easy to give a gift card, but this is one Mom is guaranteed to love. She’ll be able to hop around the city to her favorite workouts or try new classes without worrying about spending her credits—and everything is on her time since ClassPass gift cards never expire.

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