40 Awesome DIY Decor Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Party


DIY decorations are ideal for Valentine’s Day parties, birthdays, or whatever you might be celebrating! With the right decorations, your party will have a more festive and fun atmosphere.

Valentine's day decor

A wide range of Valentine-themed decorations is available, which will make accessorizing even easier!

For example, a pink heart garland adds a nice touch to any table or wall in your house. You could also paint hearts to mason jars and fill them with candy.

Valentine’s Day Decor Tips

These are just a few ideas for decorating your house, but there are many more out there! Try looking on websites similar to Pinterest for DIY projects that would make great decorations. You could also hire a party planner to do it since you’re already busy enough trying to get ready yourself!

You can use many different types of decorations for the most romantic holiday of the year, including streamers, balloons, and posters. They can help set the mood for your party by creating visual interest along with a festive theme to go along with it.

The color scheme is important: you can use the classical red and white or pink and red, or take a nonconventional approach like pink and black or blue and yellow. It all depends on your preferences and the kind of event you’re hosting.

Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Here are some quick Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to help you get started:

  • Treat your guests with delicious food by ordering special Valentine’s Day cookies, chocolate strawberries, or cake pops.
  • Decorate your home with red and white lights to set a romantic mood for yourself and your significant other.
  • Make a lovely Valentine’s Day cake with white frosting and red food coloring, and embellish it with sprinkles.
  • Craft and hang Valentine’s Day banner in your place to add extra flair.
  • Design beautiful snowflake ornaments that would be perfect on a Valentine’s Day tree.
  • Get creative with your decorations and use plastic cups and balloons to create balloon bouquets.
  • Make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece for your dinner table with red tableware and flowers.
  • Turn your fireplace mantle into a love fest with hanging hearts, cupids, photos of you and your loved ones, or messages written in chalk on the floor that say I love you.
  • To display your Valentine’s Day cards, you can use a cute canvas bag hung on a doorknob, which is layered with hearts and messages of love.
  • You don’t need to go all out for this holiday. Even simple rose petals will impress your guests and make your home look lovely for the occasion.
  • Use candles everywhere in your home to bring about that romantic feeling. For example, you can dress up the dining table.
  • Use the kids’ artwork as decorations for this fun holiday by framing them and hanging them on the walls of your home for all to see.

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor Inspiration

If you need inspiration for your Valentine’s Day party, feel free to explore the following ideas surrounding DIY decor!

1. Concrete Heart Candle Holder – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts 

Concrete heart candle holder valentine's day diy crafts 

A classic symbol of love is the candle, so it’s only logical to make a concrete heart candle holder, especially if you plan to host a Valentine’s Day party in your garden. Besides, you probably already have all the materials needed to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day DIY craft project: concrete and two simple candle holders.

After collecting your items, clean off the surface of the candle holder with soap and water. Then, mix concrete in a large bucket until it turns into a doughy consistency. Next, mold the concrete around each candle holder and place them on paper towels to dry at room temperature.

Once they set entirely (this usually takes about 20 minutes), spray or paint on top of them with a glossy acrylic sealer and light up those hearts!

Find out more about making a DIY concrete heart candle holder by checking out our complete guide!

2. Hanging Twig Heart – Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas at Home 

Hanging twig heart valentine's day decoration ideas at home 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are plenty of items to use as party centerpieces. For example, you can make hanging twig hearts using twigs and twine.

This simple DIY not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is also a great conversation starter for your guests. And it’s a great Valentine’s Day decor idea for a party at home.

After collecting your items, tie the twigs together to form a heart shape and secure them with more twine. Then, make holes on both sides of the hearts and thread the twine through each hole to create hanging strands. With this done, you can hang your new twig hearts on walls and get ready for your party!

Check out our guide on making DIY hanging twig hearts if you want to know more about crafting these fantastic decorations!

3. Heart Cushion – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

Heart cushion valentine's day diy craft ideas 

Whether you’re hosting a romantic meal for your significant other or having a Valentine’s Day party with friends, adding heart cushions to the decor will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It’s a great Valentine’s Day DIY craft idea!

Luckily, it’s not that hard to make custom heart-shaped cushions if you follow our step-by-step tutorial and use the suitable materials. What’s more, this DIY project costs next to nothing since all you need are fabrics or old clothes, glue, scissors, and stuffing!

Start by finding two fabrics with similar patterns or colors, then cut them into heart-shaped pieces. Next, fold over the edges of each fabric piece and glue them together. Finally, sew your new cushion covers and stuff them with cotton to complete this Valentine’s Day crafting project!

Find out how to make your own heart cushion by checking out our comprehensive guide!

4. Rustic Heart Decor for Wall – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts 

Rustic heart decor for wall valentine's day diy crafts 

You don’t have to fill your entire home with romantic decorations for Valentine’s Day, but adding some heart-shaped accents to the living room will definitely help set the mood. One idea is to create rustic heart decor.

For this Valentine’s Day DIY craft, you need to find the suitable materials to make this rustic heart decor for the wall. For example, you can use driftwood or pieces of wood that are about ¾ inch thick and two inches wide.

After collecting your items, cut them down into heart shapes using a pencil as a guide. Then, drill holes on each side where you plan to hang the hearts, so they’re properly spaced out. Finally, wrap twine around one spot before threading it through another hole to create hanging hearts for your Valentine’s Day décor!

Read our in-depth tutorial about rustic heart decor to craft this charming rustic Valentine’s Day DIY project!

5. Yarn-Wrapped Paper Hearts – Valentine’s Day Tree Decorations 

Yarn wrapped paper hearts valentine's day tree decorations 

Paper hearts are a classic Valentine’s Day craft, but you can try something different this year by wrapping yarn around them. Besides, it works as a Valentine’s Day tree decoration.

This creative DIY craft would be such a fun project to do with kids! Plus, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much money on Valentine’s Day decorations.

To make these yarn-wrapped paper hearts, you’ll need construction paper in any color and pattern, scissors, and twine or embroidery thread.

After collecting the necessary items, cut out tiny hearts from construction paper and write words like love, happiness, friendship, or anything that fits your mood. You can also use symbols like rainbows or smiley faces if you’d like!

Next, cut small strips of twine and tie them around each heart before wrapping them. This way, the tiny hearts will be covered with colorful yarn and ready for hanging.

Check out our straightforward tutorial on how to make yarn-wrapped paper hearts to craft this Valentine’s DIY project!

6. Heart-Shaped Pebble Hot Pot Holder – Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration Ideas 

Heart shaped pebble hot pot holder valentine's day dinner table decoration ideas 

If you want a simple DIY project that’s perfect for the kitchen, try making a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder. You can also use other items like cups or vases to create unique Valentine’s Day decor.

The first step to creating this Valentine’s Day dinner table decoration is finding your materials. For example, you’ll need pebbles in various sizes, fabric paint that comes with an applicator, and an afoam brush.

After collecting your items, lay them out on a flat surface and start painting the pebbles red with the fabric paint using the applicator. To make sure you don’t smudge any designs, let each layer of paint dry before adding more colors or accent marks.

When all your pebbles are decorated, use a needle and thread to sew them together in a heart shape. Then, stitch your new hot pot holder to a larger piece of material to complete this Valentine’s Day craft!

Follow our step-by-step tutorial about how to make a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder for this easy Valentine’s Day DIY project!

7. Concrete Heart Garden Decor – Valentine’s Day Yard Decorations 

Concrete heart garden decor valentine's day yard decorations 

There’s no better way to share the love with your family and friends than giving them a plant for Valentine’s Day. In addition, you can make your own concrete heart garden decor to show how much they mean to you.

This DIY project will make your garden or yard look like a dream come true, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day yard decorations.

For this project, you’ll need pre-made concrete forms with hearts on them, cement mix, paint stirrers for mixing the ingredients, a metal wire for creating the stems of your flowers, and faux blooms.

First, get your supplies together and pour one part of cement into a container. Then add water to thin out the mixture slightly before stirring it up with one end of a paint stirrer. Pour some of the heart shape’s cavity so that it’s about a quarter full and let dry overnight.

Afterward, make sure your heart is sturdy enough to hold itself upright by testing it out in the cement shape. If it stays, flip over the concrete heart and fill in its other half with more concrete mix. The next step is adding your metal wire stems, which will make your concrete hearts look like beautiful flowers.

Once the paint on top of the hearts dries overnight, spray them with a clear coat to protect them from the elements. Finally, place your faux blooms inside to get an adorable centerpiece for this Valentine’s Day!

To find out how to make your own concrete heart garden decor, check out this Valentine’s DIY project. You’ll love how it turns out!

8. Concrete Heart Candle Holder – Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration Ideas

Concrete heart candle holder valentine's day dinner table decoration ideas

For your next DIY craft, try making concrete heart candle holders. It’s a simple project that doesn’t require many supplies, which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day if you’re in a hurry.

For this Valentine’s Day dinner table decoration idea, start by gathering some pre-made concrete forms with hearts on them, an old towel or two to help prevent messes, white craft glue, a measuring cup for mixing the ingredients, and paint stirrers for mixing the cement.

You’ll need to measure four ounces of white craft glue before adding that into your mixture. Then add water until it reaches eight ounces in volume before stirring everything together with one end of a paint stirrer. Next, empty the cavity of your concrete forms and fill them with cement mix.

Let your heart candle holder mixture dry overnight to create a sturdy form before removing it from its mold. You can top off the candle holder with glitter, place it in your garden, then add some candles and light them up!

Discover more details about making a concrete heart candle holder by reading our in-depth tutorial!

9. Pebble Heart Wall Decor – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

Pebble heart wall decor valentine's day diy craft ideas 

This next DIY project is a cute idea to show your love for someone special: pebble heart wall decor. In addition, it’s a Valentine’s Day craft that doesn’t require much time or money.

Start this Valentine’s Day DIY craft project by gathering pebbles from outside or at a local store and painting them in the desired color, like red or pink. To make sure you don’t smudge any designs, let each layer of paint dry before adding more colors or accent marks.

In the following steps, you can use different-sized dot stickers to create heart shapes on top. Then finish the wall decor with clear coat spray to protect them from chipping.

To learn how to make this adorable pebble heart wall decor without having to paint the rocks, follow our step-by-step instructions! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make your own wall decor!

10. Rustic Twig Heart Wall Art – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts 

Rustic twig heart wall art valentine's day diy crafts 

For this next Valentine’s Day craft, we’ll show you how to make rustic twig heart wall art. This project is charming and only takes a few supplies. Plus, it’s one of those DIY projects that anyone can do quickly without time or money constraints.

For this Valentine’s Day DIY craft, start by gathering some metal wire, twigs from outside, and hot glue sticks. To create the heart shapes out of the twigs, use your hands or pliers to bend them into the desired shape before wrapping the wire around their middle.

Create enough hearts for your wall art first before sticking them onto a piece of plywood board. When they’re all stuck on securely and at least partially covered with other pieces of wood, spray paint them in two different colors.

You can top your DIY heart wall art with a coordinating ribbon to tie on the hearts or even attach a keyhole hanger to display it on the wall.

For more details about how to make rustic twig heart wall art, visit our tutorial!

11. Wine Cork Heart Wall Hanging – Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas at Home 

Wine cork heart wall hanging valentine's day decoration ideas at home 

Wine corks are one of the best materials for making DIY crafts, and this next Valentine’s Day decor is proof: a heart wall hanging. You can add it to your bathroom or bedroom for a romantic touch. Besides, it’s an inexpensive and pretty project that you’ll love to show off!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need corks, glue dots, string, and paint. Start by gluing the corks together at their centers to form a heart shape with multiple colors or designs. For example, try five red ones and one white one in the middle for a festive look.

You can create little mosaic-style designs out of smaller wine corks on top of your main design as well as any other area you see fit. Once those layers are dry, take a picture and print it to size.

With the printed photo taped to your wall, use a nail to create holes where each cork is positioned. Afterward, string them up and hang them on your wall! We think it works great as a Valentine’s Day Decoration idea for home parties.

To learn more about making a heart-shaped wine cork wall hanging, read our article!

12. Macrame-Wrapped Mason Jar – Valentine’s Day Mantel Decorations 

Macrame wrapped mason jar valentine's day mantel decorations 

As the next DIY craft, we’ll show you how to make a mason jar wrapped with macrame. It’s a Valentine’s Day project that won’t take much time or money, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s on a budget or short on time.

Start this Valentine’s Day mantel decoration project by gathering some macrame string, mason jar, scissors, and spray paint. First, wrap the string around the jar’s middle to create a starburst pattern for your macrame heart.

To make sure you don’t make any errors when wrapping the string around the jar, take each step slowly and double-check that it looks even before moving on to other areas. Also, use glue dots or hot glue to hold the string in place if needed.

Finish this Valentine’s Day DIY craft by applying a clear coat of spray paint after securing all loops. To add an extra romantic touch, choose a metallic color like rose gold or silver!

For more details about how to make a macrame-wrapped mason jar, be sure to visit our website!

13. String Art Photo Holder – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

String art photo holder valentine's day diy craft ideas 

Photos are near and dear to anyone’s heart. That’s why we love how this next Valentine’s Day craft idea is all about creating a photo holder with string art. Not only is it an easy project that anyone can do, but it’s also a beautiful way to display favorite photos of yourself and your loved one!

For this Valentine’s Day DIY craft idea, begin by collecting all the necessary supplies: a thick jewelry wire, a paper heart, nails, a wood block, pink thread, scissors, a paintbrush, wood stain, and a hammer.

Start by painting a coat of wood stain onto the block and letting it dry. Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper and cut it out to use it as the template for your string heart.

Hammer nails along the tracing to create a heart design with your paper heart in the center. Afterward, use scissors to cut away any excess thread and remove the paper entirely.

Now it’s time to add the pink thread by wrapping it around the nails. Be sure to criss-cross the nails before outlining the heart. Next, create two hearts with tails using the thick jewery wire.

Join the hearts at the tails and hammer them into the wood block – this is the part that will hold the photo. Finally, turn your crafting into a photo holder by adding your favorite picture!

To learn more about how to create this easy string art photo holder, visit our website for directions and helpful tips!

14. Pinecone Flowers Wall Art – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts

Pinecone flowers wall art valentine's day diy crafts

Valentine’s Day DIY craft projects don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the best ones are the simplest, like this pinecone flowers wall art! For example, this next craft involves nothing more than pinecones and glue.

To begin, gather your supplies: small paper roses, hot glue gun, paintbrush, flat-backed marbles in various sizes, small pinecones with tightly closed petals, and a piece of poster board.

Begin by painting the marbles in different shades of pink or red, depending on which color scheme you want. Next, apply a generous coat of hot glue to the back of each marble before pressing it into place on the poster board. Keep in mind that bigger marbles will cover more surface area.

When the glue is dry, use a paintbrush to dust on some glitter for extra sparkle and let everything dry completely before hanging it on your wall!

Visit our website to find out more about making pinecone flowers wall art!

15. Floral Ice Bowl – Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration Ideas 

Floral ice bowl valentine's day dinner table decoration ideas 

If you need to add some elegance to your Valentine’s Day party, Look no further than this easy DIY project. It will help you make a beautiful floral ice bowl. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner table decoration idea because it’s both functional and decorative.

Gather all the supplies you’ll need for this project, which include a mason jar, white spray paint, liquid dish soap, water, red rose petals, green stem tape, and wire cutters, scissors or clippers.

Start by removing the flower’s stems while keeping in mind that you’ll lose a little bit of length. Next, use the stem tape to attach three or four rose petals around the mason jar.

Be sure to leave a small gap between each rose so that there’s room for water and ice cubes. In addition, you shouldn’t wrap any vines tightly around the jar.

If you prefer a simpler alternative to make a floral ice bowl, check out our intuitive guide!

16. Dessert Kabobs – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

Dessert kabobs valentine's day diy craft ideas 

Who says you need a special occasion to enjoy a dessert kabob? The next DIY project is a sweet decor idea that’s perfect for your Valentine’s Day party. All the supplies are easy to find, and it won’t cost too much money or time either.

For this Valentine’s Day DIY craft idea, Begin by gathering paint stirrers, a hot glue gun, construction paper in red and pink, red marker, scissors, mini cupcake liners in pink and white, wooden skewers with sharp ends, and candy-coated chocolates in red and pink.

Use the marker to draw hearts on each craft stick. Next, attach three mini cupcake liners end-to-end with a line of hot glue, leaving the bottom liner exposed to fill the kabobs with candy.

When your candy-coated chocolates and cupcake liners are secure, attach them to two paint stirrers with a thick line of hot glue. Leave enough room between each treat for several red marker hearts.

Discover more details about making dessert kabobs for Valentine’s Day by visiting our website!

17. Wooden Photo Frame – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts 

Wooden photo frame valentine's day diy crafts 

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love with the people you care about, and there’s no better way to do that than by giving them gifts. The next DIY project involves making a personalized wooden photo frame for your loved ones.

To begin this Valentine’s Day DIY craft project, gather wood boards in different sizes and coat them on one side with chalkboard paint. When the panels are dry, stack them on top of each other using small squares of felt between each panel to prevent scratching.

Cut a piece of string to about 16 inches long before tying it around the middle of the frame. Next, knot twine at both ends for hanging or tucking inside your loved ones’ photo frame.

Finally, use a marker to write I love you or another romantic message on the frame’s exterior face before hanging your masterpiece up on your wall!

If you want to learn more about crafting a wooden photo frame for Valentine’s Day, be sure to read our in-depth guide!

18. Conversation Heart Cookies – Valentine’s Day Decorated Cookies 

Conversation heart cookies valentine's day decorated cookies 

The next DIY project shows you how to bake conversation heart cookies for your Valentine’s Day party. They’re sweet and simple to make, guaranteed to add a special touch to any meal.

Begin working on these Valentine’s Day decorated cookies by sifting the flour inside a medium-sized mixing bowl before stirring in the salt, cream of tartar, baking soda, and baking powder.

Next, warm up the butter using either a microwave or stovetop until it melts completely and add it to your mixture.

In the following steps, place the dough on a flat surface covered with powdered sugar. Dust some of this onto your rolling pin before rolling out the dough until it’s about 1/4 inch thick.

A helpful tip is marking every half inch along its length and width before cutting out your cookies. Use a clean drinking glass to press cut-outs onto ungreased cookie sheets, and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around 8 minutes.

Your cookies will be easy to remove because of the powdered sugar coating on the bottom. Finally, use edible markers to draw expressions or write messages on each one, depending on what you want it to say. Typical messages include I Love You and Be My Valentine.

For more information about making conversation heart cookies for Valentine’s Day, visit It’s Written on the Walls!

19. Candy Heart XO – Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration Ideas 

Candy heart xo valentine's day dinner table decoration ideas 

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love for someone else through the gifts you give. This next project teaches you how to make a candy heart that says XO, perfect for decorations during the romantic holiday.

Begin working on this Valentine’s Day dinner table decoration idea by using a pencil to draw an X, O, and heart on construction paper in red and pink before cutting them out with scissors.

Next, use white construction paper to cut out multiple letters in the alphabet until you have enough of each letter to spell XOXO, except with hearts instead of X’s and O’s.

Use adhesive tape or glue dots to attach all letters to another piece of red and pink construction paper before drawing a border around it using black marker.

Cut out the border so it can be attached as one piece, and cut out another border that’s larger for covering the entire upper half of your candy heart.

The finished product is decorated with pretty red hearts all over its surface, which you can use to write I love you on it before giving it to someone special on Valentine’s Day.

For more information about making a candy heart XO for Valentine’s Day, head over to Carrie Elle!

20. Stabilized Moss with Pink Roses – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

Stabilized moss with pink roses valentine's day diy craft ideas 

If you want to make something truly special for you Valentine’s Day party, consider using stabilized moss with pink roses to spell out LOVE. It looks great when placing it on either an accent table or in a vase at the center of your party space because it creates a romantic atmosphere.

In addition to stabilized moss and pink roses, you need hanging wood decoration pieces that spell out LOVE. Unless you’re keen on building this pieces from the ground up, you can probably find them at your local crafting store.

To start this Valentine’s Day DIY craft project, add moss to the wooden pieces and stick it together using glue. While waiting for the glue to dry off, you can remove the roses from the stems. Then, place the roses on top of the moss base and secure them with glue.

This DIY Valentine’s Day decor project finishes with you hanging it up on a wall.

21. Love Cupcakes – Valentine’s Day Decorated Cookies 

Love cupcakes valentine's day decorated cookies 

If you’re planning on cooking something special for your Valentine’s Day party, this next project teaches how to make cute love cupcakes perfect for a romantic or comical party.

To begin working on these Valentine’s Day decorated cookies, bake and cool off chocolate cupcakes according to the instructions on the box. Next, make edible glue using powdered sugar, water, and vanilla extract.

Pour some pink food coloring into icing before mixing it with the desired consistency in another bowl. You can accomplish this by adding more icing until it becomes thicker or more water until it gets thinner, depending on what you prefer.

Afterward, add zest from half an orange into the mixture and cover each cupcake with frosting. You can draw a heart on your cupcakes using edible icing pens or cut out a shape from red construction paper and paste it to the surface of each cake.

Finally, add dark chocolate chips to make polka dots before serving these love-inspired cupcakes with orange slices for your party guests!

22. Paper Heart Garland – Valentine’s Day Mantel Decorations

Paper heart garland valentine's day mantel decorations

Paper heart garlands are a simple but impressive decoration you can make in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s an excellent way to dress up your walls and make your party feel more intimate.

To start this Valentine’s Day mantel decoration project, cut out paper hearts in different sizes. It’s best to stick to a specific color theme, like red and pink, but feel free to choose any colors you prefer!

The smaller ones should be made from red paper while the larger ones can be colored pink. Afterward, fold each heart in half and use your fingers to fluff it open.

Punch two holes through the top of every heart using a book binding or hole puncher before connecting them together with string or ribbon until you reach the desired length.

Attach small tacks to your wall and hang up these garlands so that they dangle down to create an impression of movement when hanging still.

Discover more about DIY paper heart garlands on DIY & Crafts!

23. Love-Inspired Posters – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts 

Love inspired posters valentine's day diy crafts 

If you’re looking for a more low-maintenance way to decorate your walls, try printing love-inspired posters on your computer! You can find many different kinds of images online that are sure to fit any party theme.

For example, you can display the half of a heart with space for guests to write down their names and who they’re with. Another idea is a full heart with the words Love Is All Around displayed in multiple languages.

You can also use red and pink textures or patterns that match your color scheme and add these over photos or drawings to give them a romantic effect. We love this Valentine’s Day DIY craft idea because it’s so versatile!

24. Love Coupons – Valentine’s Day Printable Decorations

Love coupons valentine's day printable decorations

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day printable decorations, step up the romantic side of your party by printing out love coupons for your guests to redeem. You can find many different designs online, but keep in mind that you should aim for an equal balance between funny or silly offers and romantic or loving rewards.

For example, guests might get a free dessert after they finish their entree or be able to sit next to someone they’re attracted to during dinner. Every offer should be paired with an appropriate reward that fits the theme of your Valentine’s Day party.

After finishing this project, attach these coupons to small pieces of paper so that each one is easy enough for everyone at your party to take. Note cards are another good choice if you want something fancier!

You can download printable love coupons at no cost from FTD.

25. Melted Crayons – Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas 

Melted crayons valentine's day diy craft ideas 

This next idea is a simple way to make Valentines for your party guests: melted craions! It only takes a few supplies, and if you have children at home, they can even help you create these items.

To start this Valentine’s Day DIY craft idea, melt different colors of crayons in the oven or with a hair dryer until they become liquid. You’ll need a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for this task.

Make sure to check on them frequently, stirring when necessary to avoid burning any wax that’s accidentally dripped off the end of the crayon.

Afterward, pour enough wax into each heart-shaped mold to fill it halfway. Use an offset spatula or knife to add more wax and push it down so that it’s completely full.

Finally, wait for them to cool and remove the crayon hearts from their molds before writing messages on the front with a thin black marker.

These Valentines can be given out at your party as gifts or attached to baked goods instead of store-bought Valentine’s Day cards!

To learn more about melting crayons to craft Valentines, visit Emmmy Lizzzy’s blog!

More Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas You’ll Love

We have a few more cool Valentine’s day decor ideas you’ll love to have in your home 

26. Felt Heart Valentine Trees for Valentine’s Day

Felt Heart Valentine Trees for Valentine's Day

Christmas has trees and some people even set up Easter trees, but have you ever heard of a Valentine’s Day tree? We hadn’t either, but now that we’ve seen these adorable little felt hearts layered into a tree shape on The Lettered Cottage, we’re extremely glad that we know they’re a possibility! We adore the idea of putting a sparkly foam heart on top where you’d put a star at Christmas.

27. Valentine’s Day DIY Craft – Quilted Heart Pillow 

Valentine's Day DIY Craft - Quilted Heart Pillow 

Are you a sewing enthusiast with a penchant for quilting and you’re looking for something fun and simple to celebrate your favourite holiday with? Then check out this quilted heart pillow cover from Craft, Sew, Create! It’s easier than you might expect to make, right down to the adorably ruffled edge.

28. Ombre Yarn Letters – Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas at Home

Ombre Yarn Letters - Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas at Home

Are you looking for something awesome to make with your kids that will still make lovely-looking decor but is easy and fun for them to do with you? Perhaps you’re a knitter and you’re looking for a way to use up some of your spare yarn stash? Then yarn wrapping crafts are the perfect idea! My Sister’s Suitcase suggests wrapping cardboard or foam letters in Valentine’s colours to create a pretty pink and red ombre.

29. Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts – Glitter Letters 

Valentine's Day DIY Crafts - Glitter Letters 

Do you love the idea of creating big festive letters that you can spell out Valentine’s Day messages with, but you’re not much of a yarn crafter and don’t feel like wrapping? Then try something a little more flashy instead! Tip Junkie suggests covering your letters top to bottom, back to front, in pure glitter. We love the red sparkle here but think it would also look pretty in pink!

30. Love Note Pillows – Valentine’s Day Decor

Love Note Pillows - Valentine's Day Decor

Did you love the idea of making an adorable Valentine’s Day pillow but you’re not a huge quilter and you’d like a style that’s a little bit more chic? Then perhaps this beautifully printed hand writing pillow with a heart patch or frill is more your style! Chalk and Chocolate guides you through the process of making it happen.

31. Felt Hearts in a Vase – Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas at Home

Felt Hearts in a Vase - Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas at Home

Did you cut yourself a few too many felt hearts when you were making your felt heart Valentine’s Day tree and you’re wondering what to do with them because you think they’re too cute to throw out? Then check out what The Sits Girls suggest doing with your spares! These adorable little stuffed felt hearts on little dowels make a perfectly festive alternative for your favourite vase over flowers, just in case you’re allergic or not feeling a big bouquet right now.

32. Valentine Vignette – Valentin’s Day Mantel Decorations

Valentine Vignette - Valentin's Day Mantel Decorations

Have you always loved glass painting, whether you’re doing it freehand or stenciling and tracing shapes and letters? Then here’s a great opportunity to do that for Valentine’s Day specifically! The House of Smiths suggests picking a pretty old vintage window frame and painting a loving message or silhouette picture across the glass for some unique seasonal decor.

33. Sheet Music Letters – Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Sheet Music Letters - Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Are you still not over the idea of making cute Valentine’s Day letters, but neither of our previous suggestions quite did it for you? Well, here’s one more alternative to the idea, just in case! Fancy Frugal Life suggests printing out the sheet music to your very favorite love song and decoupaging the page onto wooden letters, alternating those with bright red or pink painted letters for a romantic touch.

34. Sweetheart Birch Centerpiece – Valentine’s Day DIY Crafts

Sweetheart Birch Centerpiece - Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

Has your taste in DIY decor always been a little more natural and rustic than the bright colours that many of your crafting friends often display for the holidays? Then incorporate that into your Valentine’s Day decor by making a craft that’s reminiscent of the days in high school when you’d carve your initials next to those of your crush into the side of a tree! Sweet Little Gals suggests wrapping twine or jute string around the wood pieces as well, attaching little paper and felt hearts to amp up the Valentine’s Day feel.

35. Valentine’s Mason Jars Decor 

Valentine's Mason Jars Decor 

Did you like the way the vase of felt flowers on dowels looked above but you’d rather make a smaller version that looks a little more homemade than a pre-made decorative flower vase? Then try making this mason jar version that’s a little more kitschy! Instead of using dowels and felt, Little Lucy Lu used heart-shaped punched paper and adorable striped paper straws.

36. Ombre Glitter Candles – Valentine’s Day Decorations

Ombre Glitter Candles - Valentine's Day Decorations

Have you always been a candle enthusiast no matter the season, filling your home with one wonderful scent after another and enjoying the relaxing glow? Then there’s no reason not to incorporate your love for candles into your DIY Valentine’s Day decor! A Glimpse Inside shows you how to glitter the jar or vase the candle comes in (or even the candle itself) with festive ombre stripes!

37. Valentine’s Day Banner from Book Pages – Valentine’s Day Decor 

Valentine's Day Banner from Book Pages - Valentine's Day Decor 

Do you love a good romance novel? Then salvage that box of old romance books you walked past on the sidewalk the other day and turn the ones that are too damaged to read into cute DIY Valentine’s Day decor! The Sits Girls suggest painting, stenciling, or stamping a cute Valentine’s message out, one letter on each page. String them like a garland and add ribbons as you please!

38. Pom Pom Valentine Centrepiece – Valentine’s Day Crafts

Pom Pom Valentine Centrepiece - Valentine's Day DIY Crafts

Do you like the idea of making yarn crafts but you’re not sure you have the room for a whole saying full of letters anywhere in your home? then contain your yarn crafts to a smaller space by making little red pom poms and putting them in a vase-like flowers! We love the way the suddenly look just like fluffy little blossoms. Architecture of a Mom shows you how it’s done!

39. Blooming Valentine Centerpiece – Valentine’s Day Decor

Blooming Valentine Centerpiece - Valentine's Day Decor

Maybe you would like a bouquet of flowers to display but it’s the vase you don’t currently have? Then check out how Hatter and Hare Events made this adorable little paper flower stand. We’re particularly big fans of the romantically punny saying on the side, making the whole thing a cute gift idea for just about anyone.

40. Queen of Hearts Tablescape – Valentine’s Day Decor

Queen of Hearts Tablescape - Valentine's Day Decor

Are you so into Valentine’s Day that you’re throwing a festive party or dinner for all of your friends or loved ones to celebrate the day? Then you’ll definitely be in need of a little DIY decor magic! Check out how Celebrations at Home made an entirely handcrafted tablescape with a slightly Queen of Hearts inspired theme.

Final Thoughts on DIY Decor Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones how much you care about them. So you can take advantage of this occasion to make special decorations. We hope these DIY ideas will help you get inspired!

If you wish to share more ideas with us when it comes to DIY decorations for Valentine’s Day parties, feel free to use the comment section below!

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