36 Best-Selling Amazon Must Haves You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner


Looking for the ultimate guide to Amazon must haves? Here are all of the best Amazon items that are truly game-changers! 

amazon must haves

Who doesn't love Amazon? There really is nothing else that can beat the super low prices and insanely fast shipping. I literally think 80% of the things in my apartment are from Amazon, and I love it all!

That being said, finding the good stuff on Amazon can take a little bit of digging. Lucky for you, I have rounded up all of my favorite Amazon must haves for every part of your home & life! You're welcome 😉. Seriously though, I couldn't live without most of these Amazon items, and I know you will be obsessed with them!!

Whether you are looking for Amazon must haves for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, lifestyle, or beauty regimen, I've got you covered!!

I'm all about finding that expensive, luxury look on a budget, and Amazon is my best friend in achieving that goal!! You're going to love these Amazon must haves just as much as I do!

This post is all about Amazon must haves.



1. Vegetable Chopper

If you like to cook (or just hate chopping vegetables), this is the best thing EVER. I have raved and raved about this thing so much I'm starting to sound like a broken record.

BUT, this cuts all your vegetables in .2 seconds. I especially love it for onions, but really anything works in here. It even has a zoodle spiralizer attachment. 

I've purchased five of these (not kidding) because it's my go-to apartment gift for my friends when they move for the first time.

2. Gold Measuring Cups & Spoons

Okay, this is definitely not essential, but how pretty are these?? I'm obsessed. You will love this measuring cup and spoons set not only because it's super cute but also because they're really good stainless steel quality!! 

3. Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

Definitely a first-world problem, but I cannot rip parchment paper for the life of me. I pull out like another mile of parchment paper anytime I use it. I found these pre-cut parchment paper sheets on Amazon, and omg - they are the best- I'll never go back to rolled parchment again.

Measure your sheet pans, and then look up a pre-cut size that fits yours. They even out to be the same price as traditional parchment paper rolls, AND I swear I use less paper because of them.


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4. Gold Plated Steel Flatware Set

There is one thing you will never find in my apartment... silver. I have no hate towards people who like silver, but the metal and I have never gotten along. I am a gold girl through and through, and you bet your bottom dollar my silverware is gold.

Amazon has thousands of silverware sets, so do not be alarmed if you are bombarded when entering the site. This matte gold silverware set has almost 6,000 ratings… and still has 4.6 stars! So that goes to show how many people like it. For $31 I think this is a real bang for your buck!

5. Meat Thermometer

This is one of my newer Amazon purchases, and I am obsessed. I am a meat freak and always think I am going to get food poisoning, so I love that I can stick this into any type of meat while in the oven, and it will tell me what the exact temperature is.

This was one of the cheaper meat thermometers available on Amazon, and it works great. You can stick that pokey part into your meat and actually put it in the oven. I don't even set a traditional timer when I cook anymore, I just set this to what temp I need the meat to be, and it starts beeping when it hits that time. 

6. Marble Cheese Board/Serving Tray

Having a cute cheese board is really nice when you're entertaining!! I have quite a few serving platters similar to this that I absolutely love and use for everything (bruschetta, charcuterie, chips, etc.).

While you aren't using this to serve food, it would look super cute on your kitchen counter with some flowers, a candle, and some coasters!!


7. The BEST Mattress Topper

This mattress topper is seriously so comfortable... I'm in love with it. I bought it for around $55, and it is so amazing.

If you have an uncomfortable mattress at home, try this on top before investing in a whole new mattress. It will save you a ton of money, and it's soo comfy!

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8. Satin Pillowcases

So I wanted silk pillowcases on all the pillows in my apartment because I've heard they are great for your hair and skin, but seriously they are way more comfortable AND only $10. I also love these because they have a zipper at the top so you don't see the pillow inside.

Pro Tip: I also got king-sized pillows for my bed because people say it makes your bed look way more expensive, and it definitely does (and honestly, they are so much nicer to sleep with).

9. Throw Pillow Covers

These are the exact throw pillow covers I have on my bed, and they are only around $7 (so super affordable) and the pillow inserts I found at HomeGoods. I just went to the clearance section in the back and found these down 26x26 pillows on sale. I did not want to spend a ton on the full price down pillows because those can get really pricy. 

These pillow covers come in 33 different colors!!! No matter what room aesthetic you are going for, there is definitely a color that will work for you! I just went with classic cream white. 

10. Sheet Set

This sheet set has a cult following on Amazon. Everyone LOVES them, and they're only $24 for the entire set, which is insane. I had them throughout the dorms in the Twin XL version, my bedroom at home and nowhere in my apartment.

In the sheet set, you get a top sheet, bottom sheet & pillowcases. It comes in 42 different colors/patterns and is usually around $40, but goes on sale often! Such a steal!

11. Blanket Basket

For that random empty corner in your bedrooms, a blanket basket is the perfect filler decoration that is also super functional!!

Even if you don't have a ton of blankets, I like to store random things like games and extra throw pillow covers at the bottom of these baskets and then put a cute throw blanket at the top!

12. Neutral Area Rug

You will love a pretty, neutral rug in your bedroom!! I get all of my rugs from RugsUSA, but I have a feeling this Amazon rug would be really good! The brand has great reviews on Amazon and many color/pattern choices! 

Click here to read 8 Best Places To Buy Rugs For ANY Budget.


13. Marble Tray

This is one of those small touches that makes a big difference! Putting your soap (and some lotion or a candle) on a little tray by your sink makes your bathroom look so luxurious.

This resin tray has such a pretty marble look and is only $16! You could even use this as a jewelry tray.

14. Turkish Hand Towels

Turkish towels are so pretty but usually really expensive!! I couldn't believe how cute these were and that they were from Amazon!!

The set is $22 and comes in 10 different designs! The classic black and white is my favorite and would look so good in my apartment bathroom or even kitchen!

15. Soap Dispenser

These gold soap dispensers are sooo cute! It comes in a set of two, which is perfect if you have two bathrooms! They would look perfect on the marble tray I linked above.

16. Cute Candle

Candles are usually one of two things: tacky looking or expensive. I was soo happy when I found this really simple, trendy-looking candle on Amazon for only $14!! There are almost 27,000 reviews, and this candle has 4.5 stars!  

This would look so pretty in your bathroom either on the counter with a little plant or on the top of the toilet (as I did in my apartment bathroom - see my bathroom tour here).

17. Jewelry Dish

I always want to immediately take off my jewelry when I wash my face, and they always get left on the bathroom counter! And that leads to missing jewelry and a messy-looking bathroom. Having a jewelry dish in your bathroom allows you to take off your jewelry, but keep it looking organized and cute! 

This jewelry dish seriously reminds me of something that would be sold at Crate & Barrel for a lot of $$$! It has such a modern, trendy look and is my favorite color, gold. 

18. Makeup Organizer

This thing is amazing for organizing makeup. I keep everything in here, and it holds SO MUCH. I had this in my Amazon cart for like a whole year and finally pulled the trigger to buy it last year. I love it and wish I bought it sooner!

college planner


19. Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is super similar to the expensive throw blankets I have seen all over my favorite interior designers' feeds. It's just under $16, which is amazing, and has great reviews!!

It also comes in four other colors if you are looking for something a little different! I would definitely buy this for your apartment because it is a simple, classic look that you can't beat for $16!

20. Coffee Table Tray

One of the easiest ways to decorate your coffee table is to get a cute tray and put your cute candles, books, coasters, plants, etc. on there. It makes a really cute, put-together look.

My favorite part of having my coffee table decor on a tray is that I can clear off my coffee table for games, cleaning, or food in a second by just moving the tray!

21. Gold Candlestick Holders

This is an essential piece of decor for my apartment and office! I have candlesticks everywhere! They look so classy and will never go out of style!

I have always found candlesticks at goodwill, and I have bought new ones at Target, but these are identical to the ones I have in my apartment living room!

22. Coasters

Coffee table decor isn't complete without a cute set of coasters. You will love these marble and wood coasters because they look super high quality and have that high-end look!

These would look so pretty on a coffee table tray with a candle and a vase with flowers!

23. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are probably the most important part of any living room (besides the actual furniture). They make your couch look so put together, cozy, and coordinated. 

I have a whole post about how to style throw pillows and my favorite places to find them, so click here to read How To Style Couch Pillows To Look Expensive.

24. Coffee Table Books

I have coffee table books literally everywhere in my apartment. My living room, my front entryway, my nightstands, the office, and I'm sure other places 🤣. I have found that every interior designer I follow with that "expensive" look, has coffee table books galore!

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on books that are pretty much for decorative purposes only, always keep an eye out at thrift stores!


25. Gel Manicure Set

My sister-in-law got this back in 2019 for Christmas, and I would go to her house every two weeks to use it. By March, I decided to buy my own, and it is the BEST. My nails last two weeks, and I can't even imagine going back to normal nail polish.

Here's how I get mine to stay - Buff my nails, get them wet with water (no soap), dry them with a towel, put the base coat on and under light for 90 secs, layer of color, 90 secs, another layer of color, 90 secs, topcoat, 90 secs. Voila, you're done!

26. Gold Hoops

The classic gold hoops are the lightest earrings you will ever wear. I got them in 30mm. All my friends have them too and love them just as much as I.

For only $13, I will buy these hoops forever!!

27. Beakey Makeup Sponges

These makeup sponges are perfect!! I always used the real beauty blender brand and died every time I paid $20 for a makeup sponge, but I could never find anything that compared!

These Amazon makeup sponges work just as well and are only $10 for a five-pack (so only $2 a sponge 
🙌). If you're tired of spending $20 on your beauty blenders, try these, you won't regret it!!

28. Gold Chain Necklace

These necklaces sooo trendy right now, and I can see why! They are so simple, classy and pretty!! I wear this necklace literally almost every day, and they have held up so well!

It's a two-piece set for only $12! You really can't beat that. They go on sale often, so keep an eye out!

29. Face Razors

You might be thinking... ummm Sophie, what? But trust me when I tell you shaving your face with these eyebrow razors will change your life!!

Shaving off all of the peach fuzz on your face makes your skincare more effective, and your makeup applies more evenly! It's such a small change, but it really does make a visible difference!

30. Teeth Whitening Gel 

I shared this teeth whitening syringe set on my Instagram stories a while back and got a tonnn of messages from you all (even some dentists) saying this stuff was legit! Let me tell you, you were not lying!!

This teeth whitening gel works wonders! I have never seen this difference with any other teeth whitening product that I've tried.


31. Key Ring Bracelet Holder

Okay, this might not be the "coolest" thing ever, but at some point, I need functionality over being cool 🤣. This keyring bracelet holder thing lets me carry all of my keys on this one bracelet, and I am never scrambling trying to find my keys, or having to carry them in my hand.

This cute leather ring with the tassel comes in a whopping 28 colors for you to choose from and is only $10!!!

32. Packing Cubes

At first, I thought packing cubes were kind of silly, but boy was I wrong! I am an over-packer extraordinaire, and these have totally changed the packing game.

Not that I needed to have this ability, but I can literally pack so much more because it's all so organized and compressed! Plus, your whole trip you will feel so much more organized because they are almost like little drawers inside your suitcase.

33. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray

This is one of those products that are truly life-changing 😉. Seriously it's magic!! I use a downy wrinkle releaser on everythinggg.

I spray all of my clothes with this when they're wrinkly, but I especially love this for my comforter that gets SO wrinkly. Just trust me on this one, you need this!!

34. Fluffy Cross Band Slippers

I live in these slippers. They are so cute and make me feel super fancy walking around my apartment haha!

I have bought these so many times because they are my go-to gift! Everyone loves these slippers, and I know you will too!

35. Motivational Time Tracker Water Bottle 

My sisters and I all have these water bottles because we suck at drinking water. I always say I'm going to try to drink more water, but this water bottle is the only thing that has actually made me do it!!

36. Non-Slip No Show Socks

If you don't have a good pair of no-show socks, these will change your life! People always complain about no-show socks falling, but they have never tried these!

I recommend these to everyoneee because I really have never found socks that stay up all day, are pretty cheap and can be at my doorstep in two days with Amazon 

This post was all about Amazon must haves.

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