26 Life-Changing Home Organization Ideas on Amazon (According to Readers!)


Readers said these home organization ideas changed their lives – and we agree that they're pretty genius for space-saving storage!

Home Organization Ideas

26 Life-Changing Home Organization Ideas on Amazon

This morning in our Facebook group – reader Ann asked the following question…

“Can I get a screenshot of an Amazon purchase that changed your organization life?”

Well folks, as of now we are over 900 comments in (WHOA!) and PPP readers have been sharing their FAVORITE life-changing Amazon organization purchases all day long!

We've rounded up some of the most popular home organization ideas that will help you tidy your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry room and pantry.  Let us know if you've tried any of these or what you love for your house!

Home Organization Finds on Amazon


Spice Rack Organizers

PPP Team Member Jamie ordered these 2-Tiered Lazy Susans and loves them for making her narrow spice cabinet super functional

She said: It's SUPER easy to find all my spices now – just give it a spin and there they are!  I was always knocking things over digging around in the back before…  There's just enough room on the side for my olive oil, cooking spray and a slim container that holds my gravy packets.

The bottom is grippy so they don't fall over or slide around – and the lip on the edge keeps everything in place!

Rachel (Who shared the top pic) and Ann (Who shared the bottom pic) explained how they used these Clear Glass Spice Jars to get their spices organized and tidied!  This pack comes with 48 jars and tons of little labels – and I am so jealous of how beautiful they look….  A home cook's dream!

Speaking of space-saving organizing ideas….

Reader Amy makes great use of space in her small kitchen by storing her spices on the side of her fridge using these Magnetic Spice Containers (HOW SMART!)

While reader Isabel made great use of these Copco High-Walled Lazy Susans to store her larger spice containers.  She said she loves that the turntable is so well-designed it doesn't add extra height to the bottom.  (The Copco brand is almost sold out but these look VERY similar!)

Reader Becky has her spice cabinet all organized and easy to see everything with this Spicy Shelf Deluxe Expandable 2-Shelf Rack.  It looks like this can be configured a couple different ways to suit your cabinet and needs!

Drawer Organizer for Lids

Reader Lisa says this Expandable Lid Organizer really helps keep her lids tidy!  She said it expands quite a bit and holds ALL the lids for their family of five.

DVD Organizers

Reader Deana said goodbye to the bookshelves FULL of DVD clutter and moved them all into a compact bin using this 100pk of DVD sleeves!  I love the way she kept the insert for each dvd so you can still have all the information, but got rid of the bulk.  She had this to say:

I hesitated for so long and looking back I have no idea why. So much easier to “contain” and reduces soooo much space needed. I took two full bookshelves (and I mean FULL – you couldn’t see them all cause they were double and tripled up). Now they fit in two baskets in my entertainment center and I can see them all at a glance.


Hanging Shoe Organizers

PPP Team Member Jamie has used her hanging shoe organizer for a cleaning command station – but other readers weighed in with their favorite uses too:

  • Closet Jewelry Organizers
  • Snack Stations
  • Spices and Seasoning Mixes
  • Pet Food

Bag Storage

Reader Carole has made possibly the prettiest bag storage I've ever seen – she used this Farmhouse Basket and mounted it inside her pantry door to keep paper bags and this SimpleHuman dispenser for plastic bags.  Now she's got all her bags ready and organized!

Fold-Flat Laundry Baskets

KD said she LOVES these tiny house laundry baskets – because they fold flat and can hang on the wall so they stay out of the way.  She said they also hold a TON of laundry!

Can Organizers

Are canned goods taking up tons of space on your shelves?   Kayla says this Stackable Can Organizer has been an absolute game changer for her!

Lynette uses a similar one in her basement to keep her dry goods organized.

She uses a mix of the Front-Loading Dispenser and a SimpleHousewares Stackable Can Organizer and they both look like great options for organizing canned goods and keeping the ones that will expire first in front.

Jen ALSO loves the SimpleHousewares Stackable Can Organizer -she said this:

Each one holds 36 regular size cans and sooooo easy to find everything and makes grocery list making faster too because I can see at a glance what I have/need.

And all these reviews convinced PPP Team Member Jamie to order one too – who says it works great for helping organize her messy cupboard!

Magnetic Refrigerator Shelf

Abbey keeps her Ultimate Home Planner nearby and easy to reach with this Sonkenir strong magnetic shelf that hangs on the side of her refrigerator.  No countertop clutter here – LOVE that!

Pantry Organization

Elizabeth has these Better Homes & Gardens containers that helped her pantry go from this…..  to this! (WOW!)

Jamie uses these LARGE containers on the right so they'd be big enough to hold flour, sugar and more.  She said she got them at Home Goods – but this Airtight Food Storage 4-Container Set is under $19 and almost idetical!

Or for an even larger container?  Vtopmart 5.2 Liter Containers 4pk is just $21.79 – or just $5.45 per container!

Lynette loves these Pantry Organizer Containers to organize her snack foods, cereals, baking supplies and more.  She said she used (2) sets of the tall ones and (1) set of the mixed sizes!


Silverware Drawer Organizer

We had a few readers who raved about these Joseph Joseph Silverware Drawer organizers!  

Rachel shared the pic above and said her silverware drawer was a HOT MESS before this organizer came along!  And while a frugal girl knows you can always use Velveeta boxes… this looks like a nice space saver 🙂

Kitchen Appliance Organizer

We had FIVE readers comment that they all bought this Ironton Kitchen Bakers Rack to organize their kitchens – Amanda, Jenna, LaKrisha, Laurie and Bethany are all taking back their counterspace by using this shelving unit as a coffee bar, appliance station or microwave cart.  Love how cute it is!


Water Bottle Organizing

Do you constantly have random-sized water bottles and blender bottles falling out of your cabinets on you because they just don't fit well?  We had some readers that found GENIUS solutions to that problem using wine-bottle holders and other cool gadgets…

Reader Arlene uses this Wine Bottle Holder to house their oddly shaped water bottles and travel mugs – how clever!!  She also recommends this Vertical Stacking Water Bottle Stand.

Reader Becky just got this Youcopia Water Bottle Stacking Shelf in the mail and says she might be ordering a few more to hold her gym bottles and travel coffee cups.  The shelves are height adjustable to fit just about any kind of bottle!

Makeup Organizer

Reader Jennifer used this awesome Cosmetics & Jewelry caddy to organize her makeup, brushes and toiletries to take up much less space on her counter.  I love how the clear drawers still let you see where everything is!

Shower Caddies

Reader Christina loves how this Flex Shower Caddy has flexible barriers that can expand to hold different sized containers.

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Both Sharon and Miranda love the extra space they free up by using this Wall-Mounted Bathroom Towel Storage Rack.  Tiny bathrooms need these!

And reader Carole had a really cool suggestion about these – they'd make a great rack for yoga mats and foam rollers in a home gym area too!

Bakeware Storage

Reader Amber said her most life-changing organizational purchase lately has been this YouCopia Bakeware Storage Rack.  She has a few and loves how flexible this brand is – because you can change the width of the sections to accommodate big muffin pans or skinny cookie sheets!

And last but not least…. Reader Pam left a comment that I LOVE (because I will always-always-always be a frugal girl at heart) – she reminded us that while all these things are so helpful, none are necessary 🙂

I will say that for those on a budget and those that hate throwing away or even recycling plastic, I also love repurposing containers. I remove the labels off of my Cascade containers, butter tubs, Chinese takeout trays, etc and they make fine storage containers.


And not everything has to be from Amazon to help you get organized!

See this post on Dollar Tree Closet Organizing and also how I use these Dollar Tree Pantry Organizing bins!

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