23 Ideas for Very Small Bathrooms To Try in Your Apartment Today


You've found the perfect apartment — a beautiful view of your favorite neighborhood, a big kitchen, updated floors and it's even pet-friendly. Its only flaw? It has a tiny bathroom.

Some may see having a small bathroom in your apartment as a disadvantage. There's nothing wrong with having a tiny bathroom — it just means you need to get creative with décor and storage space! Here are some ideas for very small bathrooms to make it just as stylish and functional as any other.

1. Free up floor space

When you're limited on floor space, you want to keep it as clear as possible. Free up the floors in any way you can — even if it means storing typical bathroom items in hallway closets or bedrooms.

2. Hang greenery

Hanging plants

Plants can transform any space, no matter how small, into a calming spa-like space. You don't need to set pots on counters or ledges to incorporate them into your very small bathroom. Hang them from the ceiling so you don't take up any valuable surface space used for more practical items.

Plants do especially well if you have lots of natural light in your bathroom. However, if you only get a little bit of light, there are still low-light plants that can survive in your small space.

3. Install a floating vanity or sink

Installing a floating vanity or sink, if you can, will make the bathroom look much larger than if there's a sink with a cabinet. It opens up the space underneath the sink and creates an illusion of a bigger bathroom. And if you really need storage space underneath the floating sink, you can still use decorative shelves or baskets to keep the items you need in the bathroom.

4. Hang baskets for storage space

If you need more space for storage in your very small bathroom, but don't have room anywhere in your bathroom, use a few hanging baskets. Such baskets come in all shapes, sizes and designs. You can hang them from the ceiling and use the baskets to store bathroom accessories.

5. Tile everywhere

full tile bathroom

For very small bathrooms, covering the entire room with tile can work really well! Having tile from floor to ceiling creates a cohesive pattern that isn't overwhelming, especially if you use large tiles. If you can't install actual tile, you can use peel-and-stick tile in most cases you can remove when you move out.

6. Put up wallpaper

If tile isn't your vibe, but you still want a fun pattern on the wall, you can opt for wallpaper. Cover the entire wall with wallpaper, or just do the bottom or top half. Like larger tiles, wallpaper comes in peel-and-stick form and is removable, so you don't need to worry about damaging the walls or forfeiting your deposit.

7. Remove cabinet doors

Cabinet doors are nice for hiding clutter, but they can actually make compact spaces feel even smaller. Make the bathroom feel like a larger space by removing cabinet doors and tidying up the shelves inside. You're not actually losing any bathroom storage or useful surface space, so it's a pretty easy fix.

8. Use floor-length curtains

Using curtains that go from floor to ceiling can make the ceiling look taller, thus making the room feel less cramped. Add some curtains to your bathroom. Even if you have no plans to cover the window with them, they'll serve a decorative purpose that transforms the feel of your tiny bathroom.

9. Incorporate natural wood

natural wood

Natural wood brings a minimalist bathroom vibe and any luxurious bathroom typically has some form of natural, unpainted wood incorporated in one way or another. You can have natural wood shelving, cabinets or even storage bins — as long as it's natural wood, it will make the whole space feel more high-end.

10. Install glass shower doors

Having a shower curtain can make a tiny space feel even tinier. It's essentially like putting up an extra barrier or wall. Instead of having an opaque shower curtain, switch it out with glass shower doors that won't hide the rest of the bathroom walls. If you can't put in a glass shower, then try using just a clear curtain or always leaving the shower curtain open when the shower is not in use.

11. Hang big mirrors

If you ask any interior designer, they'll tell you that mirrors make a small space look and feel bigger. It reflects light and brightens up the room, which is perfect for a tiny bathroom when you want it to seem more spacious. You can hang one larger mirror above the sink, or a series of smaller mirrors in a pattern or on different walls to create a bit of visual interest.

12. Install floating shelves

floating shelves

Adding a few floating shelves gives extra surface space for storage, décor or plants. And it doesn't take up any square footage, just some wall space! It's easy to add a shelf for floating storage and there are even options that don't use nails or screws (though these options typically limit how much weight they hold).

Even if you only have the wall space to add one floating shelf, it can make a world of difference for storage in your powder room or your small bathrooms.

13. Put up a gallery wall

Using a mix of fun frames, art and photos is a great way to incorporate décor into small bathrooms. Since it's all on the wall, it's not taking up any counter or shelf space. You can also use a few mirrors in your gallery wall to make the room feel bigger by reflecting light and making your bathroom brighter.

14. Buy a pedestal sink

Many powder rooms incorporate pedestal sinks and for good reason. A powder room is usually a small, cramped space, so you don't want a bulky cabinet taking up square footage underneath the sink. The same concept applies to a particularly narrow bathroom or really any small bathroom in general.

15. Incorporate wall storage

Shelves aren't the only thing you can put on the walls for more space to store things. You can add towel racks for both storing and displaying towels or you can install items like a toothbrush holder or a wall-mounted hair tool caddy, where you can place your curling irons and blow dryer.

16. Go all white

white bathroom

Lighter colors typically make a room feel big and open, so when you have a tiny bathroom, using the lightest color possible and going all white can achieve an open feel. An all-white bathroom doesn't mean blank and boring — you can add textured wallpaper, patterned floor tiles and wall-mounted décor.

17. Use dark, dramatic colors

Typically, you don't want to have too many dark colors in a small bathroom or powder room. However, if you're taking a more dramatic approach, dark colors like black or navy are heavy hitters.

You can incorporate deeper-colored tiles into your shower room, dark patterned tiles with metallic accents on the floors or even wall tiles and wallpaper that are darker shades of colors. You don't need to use just black to create drama — going with deep plum, maroon or navy will achieve a similar effect without leaving your bathroom devoid of color.

18. Don't fear metallics

metallic mirror

Bathrooms already have some metallic elements, like a faucet and showerhead. You can customize these pieces fairly easily to the metallic color you want since there are a few to choose from. You can go with cooler silvers or opt for yellowy golds or deeper brass.

19. Utilize corners

Corners are often underutilized parts of a bathroom, so make good use of them by putting in a corner sink or shelves. In a tiny bathroom, you need to take advantage of every single part possible, so don't be afraid of using the corners!

20. Use multi-functional décor

When you have a tiny bathroom, you can't afford to give up décor in place of function. Practicality should take priority, but that doesn't mean you can't have a stylish bathroom! Use multi-functional décor to serve both a functional and beautiful purpose.

You may need to get creative with some décor. Instead of basic plastic bins, you can choose cute storage baskets. Or, you can hang a faux deer head on the wall for a rustic woodsy feel and also use the antlers as hooks for towels and other things.

21. Wire sconce lighting

Wall sconces can give a vintage feel to your bathroom. You don't need to have the typical lights that hang just above the mirror. Remove that fixture and replace it with a couple of sconce lights on either side of the mirror. Or, you can leave the original fixture and add sconces in other parts of your small bathroom. Just be mindful of the wall space they take up and keep in mind you can add shelves or hooks for storage instead of lights.

22. Frame the mirror

frame the mirror

Something as simple as adding a frame to the mirror can transform your bathroom's whole look. It's a great way to add some additional color or a metallic element and it doesn't take up any extra space on the floors or even on the walls, where you can have shelves to use for storage.

23. Utilize basket storage

When you've got limited storage space, you use whatever you can. But you don't want your open cabinets or shelves to look like they're crammed with items. Not to mention that if there's too much stuff in one place, it's hard to find what you're looking for and stay organized.

Grab a few storage baskets that will fit on your shelves or open cabinets. Not only will they look great, they'll also keep you organized so you can find what you need without knocking down other items.

Start decorating your tiny bathroom

A tiny bathroom is a challenge, but it's absolutely possible to make it both functional and stylish! You've got plenty of tips and ideas to choose from, so there's no reason you can't make your bathroom into your favorite room in the house. Now start decorating!

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