2021 Amazon Buys


2021 was the year of so many impulse Amazon buys- I love seeing all the random products people use and love and giving them a try for myself! Our Amazon delivery driver might be tired of stopping at our house, but he brings us a lot of serotonin boosts! Sometimes there is nothing better than sending yourself mail lol!

With Henry playing so much baseball, most of my purchases were laundry-related (baseball moms, you know what I am talking about). The Fils-Naptha Laundry Soap Bars have been a God-send for getting stains out of the knees of Henry’s baseball pants (I swear he slides into every. single. base.). I heard about the Laundress product line from TIBAL and I am obsessed with the Crease Release spray! It takes the wrinkles out of clothes and makes them smell so good- for deep wrinkles, sometimes I use a steamer to reinforce the spray! The steamer is also great for travel if your clothes get wrinkly in your suitcase! One more product then I’ll stop talking about my laundry obsession- this rattan looking hamper is the best for sorting kid’s clothes without an overflowing hamper in the laundry room!

By far one of my most re-ordered Amazon essentials is this marble cleaning spray– if you have marble countertops, you know how easily they can stain. I am obsessive about spraying the counters and wiping them down as soon as we are done cooking or eating to prevent stains. I use these cleaning cloths and always have them on hand for quick cleanup.

For comfy weekends at home, I’ve been living in my fluffy slippers– they are so comfy to keep next to your bed in the mornings. Oli puts on her bunny slippers before she comes down to have “coffee” with me in the mornings and they are the cutest things ever! If I am not at home in this comfy lounge set, I have been loving the sherpa coat I wore recently! So perfect for chilly mornings in Charlotte.

One of the questions I get in my DMs the most is “how do you clean your makeup brushes?”- I am finally sharing my secret with y’all and I hope this doesn’t mean the cleaner I use sells out. This makeup brush cleaner is what I use for my professional makeup brushes and my personal kit. You can wash your brushes by hand and wipe them on a towel or use a silicone cleaning pad in the sink! To remove my makeup, I use these reusable makeup remover wipes when I am traveling- this pack of 10 is great to have on hand! Speaking of travel, this portable charger is a must have if you are like me and your phone is always on 1% battery!

I have found so many great home decor items on Amazon- from coffee table books (Inviting Interiors is one of my faves, but Home Body is in my cart!), to paper towel holders, rattan frames, blue and white pots, and rechargeable table lamps (love these for outdoor dinner parties!)- I have ordered it all! One thing I haven’t ordered but have seen incredible reviews for are these pinch pleat drapes– they are so affordable and the quality looks amazing! Our family’s all time favorite purchase has definitely been our record player! It brings us so much joy to have music playing and listen to new albums together.

Laundry Basket | Crease Release | Cordless Rechargeable Lamp | Lumify Eye Drops (makes your eyes extra bright) | Pack of 10 Makeup Remover Cloths | Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner | Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner (all I use!) | Portable Charger | Travel Jewelry Case (the best gift!) | Tissue Box Cover | Rattan Nesting Baskets | Rattan Frame | Stone Cleaner | Cleaning Cloths | Travel Bottles (great for shampoo & conditioner!) | Bunny Slippers | Home Body Book | Inviting Interiors Book | Charging Station | Blue and White Pot | Slippers | Drapes | Record Player | Paper Towel Holder | Rechargeable Table Lamp | Notebooks | Fils-Naptha Laundry Soap Bar | Fabric Shaver | Steamer | Lounge Set | Sherpa Coat | Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

What is your favorite Amazon find?! Send them my way and I might do another recap next month! xo LRT

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