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OK SO I have to tell you that I’m SHOCKED ( LIKE SHOCKED !!) that I’ve never done an in-depth post on my bathroom specifics. Like, all my bathroom essentials & things that help make it feel like a spa.

The other day, when I was in my bathroom showering, I looked around & realized that I wanted to do a full breakdown of everything- from towels to robes, to eucalyptus leaf moments to the even items I use for organizing my skin care.

& so here we are today, sharing ALL the tips & tricks to help you pimp out your bathroom on a budget so it feels like a freaking day spa.

I don’t want to waste a speck of your time so let’s get into it.

( WAIT- but first !! You should know that my husband & I have separate bathrooms & it’s absolutely been a life-saver for our marriage. I kid, I kid- but like really, it’s so nice having things separated & private. Plus, it meant that I got to paint my bathroom bubblegum pink & have a huge Hollywood vanity. 

Ok, let’s get started…

Pimp Out Your Bathroom, TSC Style: ♡ Towels, Washcloths, Bath Mat.
Michael’s towels are dark graphite & mine are stark white. I wanted them to be different colors & SUPER plush. It was important to keep the vibe cohesive with my Brooklinen bed sheets, so their Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle was a no-brainer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff.

And maybe I sound psycho but I like my bathmat to match my towels. That’s just another reason I like this bundle. The washcloths match too. You guys know I love baby washcloths for taking off my makeup but I still want a full towel set, with matching washcloths, ya know? This way everything is cohesive. ( I have a little holder about my toilet for pink baby microfiber washcloths & some pink citrus Poo~pourri ).

These towels are so fluffy & comfy & keep their integrity after being washed. Personally, I like to wash my towels in Dreft detergent because it’s gentle & delicate, but Brooklinen recommends The Laundress soap for towels & sheets. It’s also gentle & all natural.

You should also know that I did a whole post on Brooklinen’s sheets so you can scope that here if you want to learn more. 

♡ Lazy Susans for Skin.
This is a total game-changer when it comes to organizing your bathroom. Lazy Susans or divided turntables were a recommendation from professional organizer Ria Safford of RiOrganize. They hold all my AM & PM skin care. One is on the left, one is on the right. EASY! We also stuck some fun labels on there.

Ria says that if you’re going to keep things on your counter, they should be items that you use every single day. The clear, divided turntables look cool & are super efficient.

My skin care looks organized…AND PRETTY.

 ♡ Salt Rock Night Light.
Have you ever experienced seasonal depression? I have. London in the winter time to be specific. The sun was only out for a few hours & I legit felt so lethargic, depressed, & fatigued. After hours of Googling I found out that salt lamps can help with all that. 

Because I’m a human guinea pig, I went into an actual salt room, totally naked, & in 20 minutes I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Now, we can’t all have salt rooms in our house, so a salt rock night light is the perfect solution. Tiny but mighty, & very effective.

Not only does it give your bathroom a soft, gentle glow that soothes the senses, it also:

+ increases your energy

+ decreases anxiety

+ provides helpful ions

+ clears sinuses

+ lowers cortisol

+ balances electrolytes

♡ Super-Plush Robe.
OMIGOD. If you don’t have a hotel-esque white robe, you’re missing out on life. Been such a fan of big robes forever & let me tell ya, THIS one doesn’t disappoint. 

Again, I wanted to keep it cohesive with my towels & sheets so I got a white one from Brooklinen. 

I wear mine almost every night. I wear it when I’m applying makeup. I wear it when I’m making the bed, cooking breakfast, whipping up my detox AM drink– FOR EVERYTHING! I even like to sleep in it sometimes. Especially on a lazy-ass Sunday.

It’s so nice waking up next to a hot mint tea on a coffee warmer, NUDE ( !!! ) & reaching for your hotel-esque robe. 

Nothing better actually.

It’s kind of like unbuttoning your jeans when no one’s looking at a stop light because you just ate too many Sour Patch Kids…but you’re at home, in bed.

Want to be a total pig slob eating hummus & chips in bed on Sunday? You need a robe.

Want to come out of a hot SPA-LIKE eucalyptus shower & write a blog post in bed? You need a robe.

Want to watch Vanderpump Rules while sipping on magnesium tea? You need a GOOD robe situation.

♡ Eucalyptus Shower Situation.
This hack is so easy, & so therapeutic that you’re going to want to run to your local farmer’s market asap.

All you need for this project is eucalyptus leaves & a black hair tie. Yup that’s it. A rolling pin would also be great but if you don’t have one, don’t stress, a wine bottle will do just fine!

What you do is grab the eucalyptus leaves- I get mine from the farmer’s market, because the fresher the better. Take your leaves, grab a rolling pin or wine bottle & roll it over the leaves to release the aroma.

After this, I like to run the leaves under water to get rid of any bugs, dust or debris because I definitely don’t want dirt & stuff trickling down me in the shower. ( Again, this is why I like the farmer’s market- no pesticides on my eucalyptus leaves PLZ. Also they’re like $4.39. ) I run them under the water for about a minute then shake the water off.

Then, take a hair tie & wrap it around the bottom of the leaves, then hang it upside down & wrap the hair tie around your shower head so it hangs down under it. If you don’t want to hang it on your shower head, you could also just fill a vase with water & the eucalyptus leaves & keep it in your shower. Just be very careful & make sure the vase is secure on a ledge. No one wants a shattered glass situation when they’re supposed to be having a soothing shower.

Once you have the leaves attached to your shower head, every time you shower the water will trickle through them & it will create this beautiful, soothing, decongesting aromatherapy throughout your whole bathroom. It will smell like the most amazing garden. This combined with the salt rock night light will make your whole bathroom turn into a bougie spa.
Benefits of a Eucalyptus Shower:
+ helps with stress

+ opens sinuses

+ immediately freshens up the bathroom

+ provides a therapeutic vibe

+ helps provide clarity

+ helps fight allergies

+ looks amazing & pretty

+ eucalyptus is known as a natural healer
♡ Phone Holder.
This is great to listen to a podcast or music while you’re in the shower or doing your makeup. It’s also fun to film IG Stories or TikToks. It holds your phone in place in the best way. There’s a clamp so it doesn’t matter what phone model you have- it works for all of them!

This is such a must-have in quarantine in my opinion. You could even Facetime your friends while you do your makeup together & show them how to make a eucalyptus shower.
♡ Soy Candles.
Brooklinen has this AM to PM candle set. You get 4 candles for $53 & the scents are RIGHT.

The candles take you from Awake & Magic Hour, to Dusk & Nightcap. They really nailed matching the scents to the moods. If I’m taking a shower I’ll light Nightcap & if I’m just waking up I’ll light the Awake one. 

You should also know these are votive size so they’re a bit smaller, which makes them perfect for the bathroom.
♡ Matte White Diffuser.
This chic, white, matte diffuser isn’t just any diffuser. It’s ceramic & perfectly sized. I love starting my morning with essential oils cascading through my house.

This diffuser in particular really makes the mist come out in this slow, sexy way. To be real I have this in a ton of different colors, but like to keep the white one in my bathroom. Tangerine, eucalyptus, & pink grapefruit are some of my most-loved oils, but currently loving Settle Down Spray by K’pure Naturals.

♡ Skin Care Shelves.
In every aspect of my life, I want things streamlined. Easy. Efficient. I don’t want to be wasting any time ( who does? ) & I want things accessible & quick to grab. When Ria Safford organized my bathroom, she decided to put up some chic, white, simple floating shelves to display my skin care items. 

Ria says: “Shelves were necessary for creating storage where it didn’t exist. The left wall was vacant & begging to be used to help showcase your adorable product collection. We used 3 floating shelves from Amazon. Basically, this was kind of a two-fold project. Picking items that are used regularly, but more so ones that were going to fall in line with your oh-so-perfect Skinny brand. We were organizing products but it also served as a fun addition to your wall. We were sure to keep with a certain color scheme for a fun daily routine, & to keep things cohesive on your Instagram feed.”

♡ Bathrug & Bath Mat.

 We talked about this above, but the ones I specifically like are the tufted ones. Since I was a little girl, I’ve had this weird thing about stepping out of the shower onto a hair or dust. It’s just this weird tick I’ve had since I was little ( I know I’m not alone on this ). It’s also important the bathmat is plush just like my towels & robe.

So that’s it!

OH, & before we go, just want to add that to keep the vibe going I like to play some jazz or Bossa nova while I’m in the shower too.

Ambience is key.

Would you guys be interested in a tour of Michael’s bathroom? Keep in mind he has the same towels, robe & bath mats as me. But maybe a peak into his bathroom would be fun? Let me know below.

Off to have a spa shower ; ).

 x, lauryn

+ be sure to check out why I love the bed sheets.

++ scope my nighttime skin care routine here.

+ this post is in collaboration with Brooklinen. As always all opinions are my own.

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