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The bathroom should be a peaceful and relaxing place. After all, you've spent the entire day taking care of everyone else, by bath time, you definitely want to have some peace and quiet and that starts with an organized bathroom space.

It's super hard to relax in clutter, so here are some helpful, must have items to help you organize the clutter and gain your peace, while you reset and recharge at the end of the day. Here are super simple and super easy ways to organize your bathroom.

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Towel Holder
This may seem so basic, but trust me, everyone NEEDS a towel holder. Without it, towels and washcloths make their way onto the floor very easily and how can you relax with that type of mess laying around? If you don't currently own one, or about to move into your first apartment, or house, or whatever - a towel rack needs to be at the top of your list!

Laundry Hamper
Speaking of messes and things easily making their way onto the floor - this where a laundry hamper comes in. Laundry hampers come in a variety of sizes and designs and can range from cheap to pricey, depending on what you're willing to spend, or if you're wanting to really make your bathroom look fancy. I highly recommend having a hamper in the bathroom as a simple bathroom organization hack. Just having a laundry hamper in the laundry room doesn't help that often, when it's too far away. Again, clothes on the floor; not a good idea for organization purposes!

Shower Caddy
Shower caddies are definitely a must have for organizing your bath and shower. This helps with clutter and from having things fall all over the floor of the tub, while you're trying to bathe.

Over The Toilet Shelf
An over the toilet shelf comes in handy for so many different reasons. When it comes to organizing your bathroom properly, you want to make sure everything has a place. An over the toilet shelf comes in handy for storing extra toilet paper rolls, folded towels and anything else you may need to store.

Canisters for the bathroom? Yes. This is a simple, yet effective bathroom storage organization hack that you should definitely consider! Need a place for those cotton balls, cotton swabs, bath salts, soap bars, etc. You can get really creative with these being that they come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Three Tier Rolling Cart
A three tier rolling cart is something to consider for those longer toilet appointments. Place a few tissue rolls and all of the things you'd need when you run out, right next to your toilet and have the ability to roll it right next to you when you need it! Or, place things for your hair, feminine wash needs, cleaning supplies, etc.

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Slim Storage Cart
Short on space in your bathroom? Then a slim rolling cart. The same effectiveness as above, but slimmer, saving you a ton of space!

Floating Shelves
Floating shelves are great for bathroom storage. Again, need a place for those canisters, soap pumps, shampoo and lotion bottles? Then a floating shelf is a great place to store these things and rid your bathroom counter of clutter.

Under The Sink Organizer
This is another spot in the bathroom that's easily cluttered and forgotten about, until you really need something and can't find it! There are so many shelf organizers floating around to help you solve this problem and is the ultimate bathroom storage hack! With these under the shelf organizers, designating a space for your cleaning supplies, extra bars of soap, toilet tissue rolls and so on.

These simple bathroom storage organization hacks are perfect for your first apartment, your next move, or if you're just seriously needing to update and organize your bathroom! Bathrooms should be a relaxing space for you and these organizing hacks will most certainly help you feel more relaxed and organized.

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