20 Fun, Alternative Ways To Use Coat Hooks


Coat hooks and coat racks can be utilized for more than just coats! Just because we like using see these wall racks to hang up our raincoats doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere and for other things. They’re still just a hook and a hook can hold a lot more than our outerwear. Check out these 20 fun ways to use coat hooks and see what you’ll be hanging up next!

20 Fun Coat Hook Hacks to Use Around the House

1. Coat Hook Scarf Hangers

Scarves are such beautiful accessories. It’s a shame to hide them away in a dresser or the back of your closet.  Instead of searching for your scarves in a clutter of clothes, hang them up! Easy to find and to simply throw over your shoulder, using a coat hook to display your pretty shawls will not only spruce up a closet area but also keep them in great shape.

2. Coat Hook Belt Organizer

Sick of your belts getting lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy, cluttered closet? Belts can be one of the harder things to store in a dresser without them getting bent and damaged.  Find them easier by hooking them up on some hooks! Coat hooks are an organized way to keep your belts lined up where you can easily see and choose between them.  

3. Coat Hook Jewelry Display

Storing long jewelry like necklaces has to be done carefully. If it isn’t displayed where it can hang straight, there’s a much higher chance that it will develop knots and tangles.  Use coat hooks to display and organize your favorite necklaces! Yes, it’s that simple. No more tangles and messes. Separate your pearls from your golds and no longer spend time searching for what you need!

4. Coat Hook Purse Hanger

Purses are one item in the home you don’t want to have to search around for when you’re trying to get out the door to work or anywhere else. Keeping your purses and other bags mounted in one convenient place can keep them from getting lost in the house.  Another way to find your accessories in a hurry is to hang them on hooks! Coat hooks are extremely versatile for organizing and displaying. Grab your favorites and most-used purses and hang them up for a quick grab and go.

5. Coat Hook Pots and Pans Organizer

Coat hooks are fabulous for the kitchen! Hang up your pots and pans, colanders, towels, and potholders. Storage space is at a premium in this space since there are so many tools that make their home there. A coat hook organizer is the perfect storage solution for helping to prevent an avalanche every time you open your kitchen cabinets.  It will create more space in your cabinets and look really fun. And a big plus is seeing those pots and pans will give you the drive for more cooking!

6. Coat Hook Art Gallery

While coat hooks and racks are great for organizing, they can also be used to create a more creative, fanciful look. They’re the perfect place for hanging sentimental items or other items that are visually interesting but don’t fit anywhere else. Coat hooks don’t have to be limited to mounting photos or prints when it comes to art.  Create something a little artsy yourself! Add flowers or photos, even glitter or buttons. This kind of display is suited to just about any art kind of art collection. Take an older coat rack and transform it into something new and beautiful!

7. Coat Hook Tea Corner

Tea mugs tend to be more fragile than the rest of the glasses in your cupboard, so you might not want to keep them in the kitchen cabinets.  If you have or found the right coat hook decor, then why not create a tea or coffee corner! Hang up and display your cutest mugs, display your teapots, and even hide your Splenda and creamer in the cubbies!

8. Coat Hook Ironing Board Mount

Ironing boards are large and bulky. This can make it hard to find a graceful way to store them when you’re not pressing your clothes and linens. Luckily, coat hooks provide a useful solution to the problem.  Eliminate clutter and create space! Hide your ironing board on the wall and hang it on a hook! It’s neat and tidy while still being cute and stylish!

9. Coat Hook Art Mounts

An art gallery of prints or illustrations is a great way to add personal style and aesthetics to your living space. You can choose eclectic prints or display your art along one color or theme to give the display a more unified look. Choose all black-and-white prints or keep your prints monochromatic to make the gallery look like a single display.  Use coat hooks to hang up your wall art. Make a collage and create something eclectic!

10. Coat Hook Tool Storage

Storing gardening tools properly helps you keep them in good shape and ensures that you’ll be able to find the specific tool you need when you need it. The best way to organize gardening tools is to get your gardening tools up off the garage floors. Use coat hooks to keep them organized. Coat hooks are sturdy enough to hold even heavier gardening tools such as heavy metal rakes and hoes. 

11. Coat Hook Planters

Coat Hook Planters

If you’re a houseplant enthusiast, they can start to take over the empty surfaces in your home. This can eventually make your interior design look cluttered and cramped. Using coat hooks to hang houseplants keeps your plant collection conveniently collected in one spot so you can place your display in the area where your plants will get the most sun. Keeping all your plants mounted together on a multiple coat hook display can also make your plants look more sophisticated and organized. (via Clever Bloom)

12. Coat Hook Key Holder

Coat Hook Key Holder

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find your keys somewhere in the house when you’ve misplaced them. The best way to avoid the situation is to have a single station in your home where you always place your keys when you get home. You can use coat hooks in this DIY key holder to act as a place to hang your key rings whenever you’re not using them. With a little crafting and a few coat hooks, you can put together a customized key holder to match any interior design. (via Color Me Crafty)

13. Coat Hook Hat Display 

Coat Hook Hat Display 

Hat collections are a great way to show off your personal sense of style, but if you don’t have a way to keep all your hats off the floor of your bedroom and your closet, a large hat collection can become a serious clutter problem. Take advantage of vertical storage by using coat hooks to display your hats all together on one wall. Not only does this allow you to easily see your hats and figure out which one you want to wear, but it also serves as an attractive display to show off your collection. (via Unhappy Hipsters)

14. Coat Hook Towel Rack

Coat Hook Towel Rack

Coat hooks aren’t just good for hanging coats on. Depending on where you mount these hooks in the home, they can be used to hang other things to keep them off the floor too. Use coat hooks to create this DIY towel rack for a sleek look. Installing a towel rack with mounted coat hooks also has the practical benefit of keeping wet towels off the floor. This keeps your towels clean longer and helps them dry more quickly to avoid dampness and mildew.  (via Emily Henderson)

15. Coat Hook Utensil Rail 

Coat Hook Utensil Rail 

Kitchen utensils can be one of the biggest sources of clutter in the kitchen other than pots and pans, but this can be corrected by using an organizational system. The best way to set one up is to put your kitchen utensils on a utensil rail. Coat hooks can be used as part of your utensil rail and make a useful hardware for the project since you can get them in a wide variety of finishes and metals to match any kitchen design. A utensil rail also makes it easier to see which utensil you need while you’re cooking. (via Sugru)

16. Coat Hook Toy Hammock

Coat Hook Toy Hammock

If you have kids, you know how much mess their toys can create in the home, especially bulky toys like stuffed animals. These items are often awkward to place on a shelf or other flat surfaces. Luckily, you can set up a toy hammock using coat hooks that helps get stuffed animals off the ground and in the corner of the ceilings where they won’t get in the way. This is a much better option than piling stuffed animals on the bed where they’ll eventually end up all over the floor. Toy hammocks are also a great way to help rotate your children’s toys out so they don’t get tired of playing with the same old things. (via Lemon Squeezy Home)

17. Coat Hook Branch Mount 

Coat Hook Branch Mount 

Branches are a great way to decorate your home with natural elements as your focal points. As wall decor, they add a wild and whimsical look to your design. Coat hooks are an easy way for you to mount branches against the wall in a secure way so that you don’t have to worry about them crashing down. You can also use the mounted branches to hang a variety of different objects from twine and clothespins, such as photos or small art prints. (via Shelterness)

18. Coat Hook Mask Display 

Coat Hook Mask Display 

A display of masquerade or other masks can be an interesting and unique art display on your wall. However, it’s important to choose mounting hooks that are sturdy enough to hold the masks up straight without allowing them to fall from the wall or slip. Masks are an interesting choice of wall decor if you’ve got a collection of them, but you’ll need to mount them up on hooks if you want your guests to appreciate them too. (via Hunker)

19. Coat Hook Cubby Organizer 

Coat Hook Cubby Organizer 

Coat hooks are a great way to add organization to your home, but they’re often not enough to hold and organize all of your miscellaneous items such as purses, backpacks, sporting equipment, or other random clutter. Cubbies are also a good way to teach younger children in the household how to keep their personal items together. Mounting coat hooks as part of a cubby organizer gives you plenty of pockets on the wall to store the items you need to keep in the foyer or mudroom when you’re entering or leaving the house. (via Ana White)

20. Coat Hook Dog Leash Holder

Coat Hook Dog Leash Holder

Walking your dog can be an enjoyable hobby. However, it’s easy to lose track of your leash and other dog-walking supplies in a busy household if you don’t have a specific place to keep them. Leashes can also get tangled if they’re stored in drawers or cabinets. Using coat hooks, you can build a DIY leash holder that gives you a special station to keep all of your dog leashes, harnesses, and other accessories in one area of the house. This can make it much faster and easier to get out the door when you’re trying to go on a walk with your best furry friend. (via A Shade of Teal)

Coat hooks are a great option for using as much vertical decorating and organizing space in your home as possible. They’re inexpensive and come in many different styles so that you can customize them to your interior design. As far as hardware goes, these hooks are one of the most versatile tools you can use in do-it-yourself projects around the home. Even if you don’t have many crafting skills, you don’t need much more than a screwdriver and screws or a hammer and nails to put up a series of coat hooks. Another advantage of using coat hooks is that these hooks are strong enough to hold a wide variety of objects, from lightweight scarves to backpacks and heavy coats.

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