20 Cute Summer Gift Ideas for Everyone


Summer brings plenty of opportunity to spend time with loved ones while soaking up some sunshine. So with the warm weather approaching, you may be feeling the gifting spirit. Whether it’s for a summer birthday party or just a small gift for a friend after they babysat your kids, we have a few ideas just for you. Check out our ideas for summer gifts below for everything from a gift basket full of baked goods to a gorgeous summer wreath. With our wide range of personalized gifts, you’ll find the perfect adult gifts and kids gifts for that special person this hot and sunny summer.

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Best Summer Gifts

The following summer gift ideas are perfect additions to any summer party gift table. Find your favorite below, add a special message or summer quote, or use them to inspire a gift idea all your own. These ideas are not only fun but unique as well and will be the talk of the town this summer.

1. Homemade Jam

Homemade jam in mason jars.

Looking for a homemade gift that tastes as sweet as it looks. Make your own jams with the recipient’s favorite fruits and berries. Then seal them in a jar and tie them with a decorative bow for an elegant touch. These jams are a perfect touch to any summer breakfast of toast and yogurt.

2. Custom Water Bottle

personalized waterbottles with different designs perfect for a summer gift

Gifting a reusable water bottle isn’t just a useful gift for a hot summer. It’s also a fun reminder of memories shared with the recipient. Customize this gift with all your favorite photos of the two of you for a gift they’ll carry with them all summer long.

3. Can Cooler Set

Can cooler set from Shutterfly perfect for a summer day

If you know the giftee can’t wait to crack open a cold drink this summer, consider making them a personalized can cooler. Can coolers are fun, easy to make, and practical. Your friend or loved one can guarantee they won’t lose track of their drink all summer long.

4. Lavender Soap

Lavender soap pile and flower blossoms on white wooden background.

Make a homemade lavender soap bar for a gift that will keep their bathroom smelling like summer all season long. Made from simple ingredients like lavender, coconut oil, olive oil, water, and Lye, you can make plenty of bars of soap inexpensively from home.

5. Summer Picture Framed Print

A framed print of summer pictures with different pictures

If the giftee has recently gone on a trip or taken nice summer pictures, consider gifting them a forever keepsake of their summertime memories. These framed prints make excellent summer gifts for the homes of loved ones.

6. Custom Growler

A set of growlers for the ultimate summer gift idea.

If the recipient loves craft beer or makes their own, consider gifting them custom growlers to keep their brew cool all summer long. Customize it with their name, favorite label, or other design for a gift they’re sure to love.

7. Hanging Canvas Print

A hanging canvas of a summer trip with the caption joshua tree

Customize a hanging canvas print for a seasonal decor piece the giftee can’t wait to hang up. Whether it’s a custom design, a photo near and dear to the recipient’s heart, or a special message, these hanging canvas prints look great any way you make them.

8. Custom Tea Towels

A set of tea towels for a cute gift perfect for summer bbq

These custom tea towels are as elegant as they are useful. Customize them with a special photo, initials, or message and either wrap them by themselves or use the tea towel itself as unique gift wrapping for another present.

9. Personalized Mason Jars

Set of mason jars for a summer gift with different designs

If you’re expecting a summer full of sweet tea and day drinks, gift your loved one a set of personalized mason jars. And once the summer fun is over they can be upcycled and used for food storage or general organization.

10. Succulent Plants

Sedum Morganianum succulent plant isolated on gray background.

Succulent plants make excellent summer gifts because they’re hardy, cute, and require little to take care of. As long as they get plenty of sunlight and just enough moisture, they’re sure to thrive all summer long.

11. Summer Wreath

DIY Summer wreath concept.

Looking for a unique summer gift idea that can’t be bought anywhere else? Then check out our DIY Summer wreath project and recreate one or two to gift to friends and family.

12. Scented Sugar Scrub

Jar of chocolate sugar scrub with aroma orange oil and lavender blossom.

This sugar scrub is everything your loved one will need to treat herself to a relaxing self care night. Made from natural ingredients like almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, essential oils, and sugar, these scrubs feel great and keep your skin looking healthy.

Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Wanting a few ideas for an awesome summer gift basket? Whether you’re welcoming a new neighbor to the neighborhood, surprising a friend for their birthday, or saying thank you, gift baskets make a great go-to. But we’ve found a few extra special ideas below, just for you.

13. Beach Gift Basket

Summer decorating ideas with a beach chair.

If the giftee is a beach lover, consider making them a beach themed gift basket. Full of beach towels, sunscreen, a good book, and a few of our other gift ideas for beach lovers, there’s no end to the fun in the sun they’ll have.

14. Movie Candy Basket

Assorted candies in paper cones on a wood table top.

Movie candy baskets are great gifts for those with either a sweet tooth or a love for movie theater flicks. Help them stock their summer candy supply with this gift basket to keep their sugar rush going all season long.

15. Custom Cutting Board & Charcuterie Kit

personalized cheese board with personalized message on the front

Combine a custom cutting board with the tools and cheeses to fill a charcuterie board for a wine lover’s ideal gift basket. Plus, they’re sure to invite you over for a wine night or two to put it to use.

16. Candle & Spa Kit

Wicker basket with spa treatments on wooden table.

If your loved one is in need of a little R&R, consider gifting them a day at the (home) spa. A good spa kit may include custom candles, lotion, facial cleanser, a bath bomb, and towels. After all, who doesn’t love spa days?

17. Homemade Baked Goods Basket

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in a basket on a blue rustic table.

If you’re a well known baker or if you know the giftee has a major sweet tooth, consider gifting them a basket of homemade goodies. Whether it’s full of brownies, crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, lemon bars, or anything else– they’re sure to love it. And make it extra special by including a personalized plate with the goodies.

18. Grill Master Basket

Gifts for a grill master with personalized message

If the recipient is a whizz at the grill or known for their BBQ platters, then you couldn’t go wrong with gifting a grill master kit. Full of BBQ supplies, spices, and a personalized pot holder or apron, they’re going to want to light up the grill right away.

19. Garden Gift Basket

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot supplies.

This garden gift basket is meant for a giftee with a green thumb (or just anyone who loves to stop and smell the roses). Packed with seeds, a personalized flower pot, and plenty of decorative additions, this garden gift will light up any home.

20. Keepsake Puzzles

Summer is a special time where you and your family get together and enjoy the long days and warm nights, create keepsake puzzles as gifts of all the memories you’ve created this summer. Keepsake puzzles come in a variety of shapes such as rectangles, hearts, and circles for a unique look and they make the perfect interactive gift this summer.

Wrapping Up

As summer comes and goes, remember all the great memories you had with your family and friends with these personalized gifts. No matter what kind of gift you give to your loved ones, they will be reminded of the wonderful times they spent with you and will be thankful to have you in their lives.

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