18 Clever Beach Hacks to Try This Summer (Some Are FREE!)


These beach hacks make a day in the sand even better!

baby girl wearing a blue bathing suit sitting in blue pool in sand

Have the most epic beach day ever! ☀️

Are you one of 60 million people hitting the beach this summer? Try these clever beach hacks for adults and kids to make your trip a breeze!

1. Waterproof cases are great beach hacks for adults who want to protect their phones from water and sand.


JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch$6.99 (regularly $19.99) 

Put this universal waterproof phone case at the top of your packing list! Whether you’re planning to take amazing underwater pictures while snorkeling or relax in the sand reading your favorite Kindle books. This is one must-have you won’t regret bringing along and it’s just $6.99!

Hip Tip: Place a paper towel or napkin in your phone case if you’re nervous about your phone getting wet. This will ensure no water is leaking through when you are using your phone in the water.

2. One of the best beach day hacks is to use baby powder on sandy legs and feet.


Up & Up Baby Powder – $2.99

Baby powder is a powerful force against sand on skin so it’s perfect for rubbing on your hands, legs, or feet! This is one of the best-known beach hacks if you want to avoid sand in your sandwich or in your car when it’s time to leave.

Add baby powder to your next Subscribe & Save order on Amazon for under $2!

3. Use an umbrella hook to hang wet towels and bags.


Avoid sandy towels and beach bags by using an umbrella hook. This beach hack keeps your belongings sand-free, which means less sand is tracked into the car too. 😂

Hip Tip: For faster drying towels, ditch the cotton and use a lightweight microfiber towel instead.

4. Or use an umbrella table tray to keep smaller essentials organized.


This innovative table tray securely fits on the rod of your beach umbrella. It can hold up to 4 drinks and will still have plenty of space for your other beach essentials like sunscreen, snacks, baby powder, and more! There are even slots to hang a baseball cap or a pair of sunglasses. 🙌🏼

5. Keep all the sand off your towels with these innovative sandless towels.


There’s nothing worse than a soaked and sandy towel to bring in your car when you’re headed home. We love Sand Cloud beach towels because they’re lightweight, quick drying, and sand won’t stick to them whether wet or dry! Plus, you’ll adore all of their fun prints and aesthetically pleasing colors.

Even better, if you want a sandless blanket big enough for the whole family, they have that too.

6. Freeze drinks and grapes to keep food colder for longer.

best beach hacks water bottle juice boxes and grapes inside cooler bag

Your food will stay much colder for longer by freezing pouch drinks and water bottles. You can also consider freezing other snacks that freeze well like grapes, watermelon, and popsicles. Packing more frozen foods versus ice packs will free up more space for goodies to bring with you.

Here’s another unique item our Hip reader, Lolly, likes to freeze:

“I also like to bring a soaking wet washcloth in a ziplock bag because somehow I always end up with sunblock in my eyes” – Lolly, Hip reader

Hip Tip: We sourced the best Yeti cooler alternatives so you can beach it in style on a budget.

7. Beat the heat with homemade slushies for kids or adults.

Photo Credit: Dining With Alice

You could make a quick and easy slushie for the kids by letting your frozen Capri Suns thaw and drinking them before they melt entirely. Adults looking for a little something special can make an adult version from Dining With Alice. All you’ll need is your favorite juices, liquor (optional), drink pouches, and straws. It’s a fun way to stay cool and hydrated at the beach!

8. Keep drinks, phones, and other snacks sand-free with some handy beach cup holders.


Beach Cup Holders – $15.99 (regularly $19.99) 

  • Plus, score an additional 5% OFF with Amazon’s clippable coupon!

These handy, stackable cup holders can also double as a phone, drink, or sunglasses holder. Plus, it’s a great spot to place snacks for little ones such as grapes, cheese and crackers, and so much more!

9. Create a sand-free zone with this genius fitted sheet beach hack.


This is one of the oldest beach hacks in the book! All you need is a cheap fitted sheet and your stuff to support each corner – think coolers, bags, shoes, etc. You could even shop at your local thrift store for an even cheaper fitted sheet option and fill plastic bags with sand to make DIY weights.

10. Disguise your valuables in snack containers.

best beach hacks pringles container with money keys and watch inside

Place small items like keys, money, and jewelry inside a food container so people won’t see them. Just don’t make the snack too tempting. 😉 If you really want to fool people, wrap your small valuables in a diaper and place it under your beach chair. 😆 They’ll definitely leave it alone then.

11. Save space in your beach bag with collapsible items.


Collapsible Beach Buckets – $15.99 ($8 each) 

Lugging heavy or bulky items can make your beach trip a hassle and take up precious retail space in your wagon or car. Save space by bringing foldable or collapsible items like these beach buckets.

Hip Tip: Fill one of your buckets with water and use it as a hand-washing station for sandy hands.

12. Easily tote plastic bags for wet clothes and towels with this upcycle beach hack.

best beach hacks wipes container with trashbags inside and flag bathing suit in background

Fill an empty wipes container with plastic grocery bags or trash bags. This keeps bags from blowing away. Then, when you leave the beach, fill the bags with your wet clothing and towels to prevent a mess in your car.

Hip Tip: Check out these other genius upcycle ideas we shared.

13. Save at the salon and grab a lemon if you want some sunkissed hair during your trip.

sliced lemons on white blanket

Squeezing lemon juice in your hair before going into the sun will supposedly give you some pretty amazing natural highlights. Consult with an experienced hairstylist beforehand just to be sure.

14. Soak up some shade with a beach tent.

oileus beach tent on the beach customer review image

Oileus X-Large Beach Tent$54.99 (regularly $99.99)

Protect your family from the wind or powerful UV rays with a beach tent. There’s one for up to two people or ones for just a baby. Either way, it’s a great way to stay cooler on the hottest of summer days.

large blue and teal beach shade with woman sitting in beach chair

If budget’s no option for keeping you and your family cool, check out this unique Shibumi Shade! It weighs only 4 pounds, can be assembled in just 3 minutes by one person, and has 50 SPF. Talk about game-changing. 🙌🏼

15. Bringing your own makeshift pool is the best baby beach hack I’ve personally tried.


Make a hole in the sand, then fill this pop-up pool with ocean water using the collapsible bucket (included). There’s even a tote bag for when you’re ready to leave! This kept my daughter busy for hours while our older kids played in the ocean and are one of the best baby beach hacks!

This baby beach pop-up pool costs even less and comes with its own canopy and 50 SPF!

Hip Tip: Try doing the same thing with a cheap shower curtain, small tarp, or trash bag if you’re on a tight budget.

16. Use frozen aloe vera cubes to treat your sunburn.

bottles of green and clear aloe vera on store shelf

Did you come home with a pretty gnarly sunburn? Squirt some aloe vera in an ice cube tray, freeze it, then rub the cubes on your skin to soothe.


Consider making your own cubes if you have an aloe plant at home to make this beach hack essentially FREE! Follow the full tutorial on

Hip Tip: You can also make (and apply) this super soothing whipped aloe vera cream!

17. A mesh bag leaves the beach at the beach.


Time and True Mesh Bags, 2-Pack – $15 ($7.50 each) 

Don’t bring the beach home with you. If you carry beach supplies in a mesh bottom bag, the water and most of the sand will fall out as you walk to the car. Plus, you can give it a good shake before heading home. You can use any mesh laundry bag or we love this mesh bag two-pack at Walmart where you can get them for under $8 each!

18. Remember your trip with a DIY souvenir!

Image Credit: Crafting a Green World

Plaster of Paris – $8.28 

The kids or grandkids will have a blast making this sandy souvenir! You’ll love having a keepsake handprint or footprint. All you’ll need is some plaster of Paris, a plastic Ziploc bag, water, and sand! Get the full DIY instructions from Crafting a Green World.

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