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We spent a lot of time at home this year, and thanks to Netflix's slate of addicting home makeover shows like Get Organized With The Home Edit, you may have developed the itch to reorganize your home, particularly your kitchen pantry and cabinets—we know we have! But like us, you know it's easier said than done and getting started can be a tad overwhelming.

It's best to break it up into three parts: purge, clean and organize. First, and it may sound obvious, but throw away any expired goods. Then wipe everything down and assess what's left. Now onto the fun part: picking out your products.

From storage bins to storage racks, and turntables to tiered-shelves, there are tons of products to help you out there. Organizing the kitchen is no small project and can require a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of patience, time, and strategic placing; but remember, you got this! Plus, some of these kitchen organizing products might give you ideas for organizing that you might not have thought of yet.
We've rounded up our favorite and must-have kitchen organizers that won't only tidy up and maximize your space, but will make storing food and kitchen essentials so much easier! Bamboo Small Storage Jar Set

Made from bamboo and cork, this set of three storage jars offers a sleek, modern design, perfect for any kitchen space. These jars are ideal for storing dry goods such as nuts or crackers and even baking essentials like flour or sugar.
Bamboo XL Storage Jar

Available in either the color lemon or stone, this grande size jar has ample amount of room for storage, whether it be food or other kitchen items. And thanks to its hermetic cork top, your goods will always be safely secured and fresh.
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

This silverware drawer organizer has a specific slot for each utensil—yes, even separate spaces for both big and little utensils. Not to mention it expands, allowing you to utilize maximum drawer space.
SimpleHouseware Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack

With their bulky shape and long handles, pots and pans can hog a lot of storage space, but they don't have to! This organizer rack will house each of your pans—vertically or horizontally—so you can easily and visually see where and which pan you need.
YouCopia Large Container Lid Organizer

Anyone who uses plastic containers knows how tedious it can be trying to find the matching bottom and lid. It can take forever! Luckily this lid organizer allows you to categorize lids by height and shape, and it can adjust to fit into any size pantry or shelf.
Cutting Board Stand Storage

Keep your cutting boards out of the way and on display with this anti-skid, savvy storage holder. Thanks to its unique design, this organizer can store cutting boards of nearly any shape.
YouCopia Wrap Box Organizer

Store up to eight boxes—wax paper, aluminum foil, sandwich baggies, for example—in a tidy, visual fashion. The height of each stand can be adjusted to accommodate any wrap box.

Homeries 3-Tier Shelf Organizer

Great for displaying sauce jars, cans, or other canned or boxed goods, this pantry game changer includes two three-tier, non-skid shelf organizers. Not only will these shelves grant you easy access, but it'll help you from overstocking the pantry as well.
Copco 2-Tier Lazy Susan

Available in an assortment of colors, the turntable is a brilliant idea for storing and organizing your spice rack. Since most spices are packaged similarly and at the same height, it can be difficult to find the exact one you're looking for. Well, not anymore!
Seseno Clear Pantry Organizer Bins

These deep organizer bins are ideal for storing fresh produce, boxed items like crackers or granola bars, and even softer packaged foods like chips. Each purchase comes with a set of six clear plastic bins, which are shatter-resistant, food safe and BPA free.
Vtopmart Airtight Food Containers

Get a better grasp of your inventory by organizing and storing food in these plastic container bins. They're stackable, clear, and can hold anything and everything from cereal to raw pasta and individualized packaged snacks to candy.
YouCopia Water Bottle Organizer

Put your reusable water bottles and to-go coffee carriers away in an organized, timely fashion. No more cramming reusable bottles in and hoping they don't fall out the next time you open the cupboard.
Yamazaki Magnetic Rack Kitchen Organizer

Show your kitchen who's boss with this all inclusive magnetic rack organizer. Equipped with three different levels, you can fit a paper towel roll, recipe books, and hanging items such as dish towels, an apron, or an oven mitt.
Yamazaki Stand-Tree Mug Organizer

Put your coffee and tea mugs on display with this classy standalone tree organizer. The branches also double as a drying rack so you can dry, hang, and arrange all in one place without taking up too much counter space.
Yamazaki Home 3-Tier Organizer

If you're someone who typically stores fresh fruit and veggies on the counter, you're going to want this three-tier organizer. Each level is a little bigger than the next, so you can fashionably show-off bananas, avocados, etc. Plus, your food won't come in contact with any surface germs or leftover cooking residue.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.
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