119 Times People Made Such Funny Home Decor Choices, They Just Had To Be Shared Online


Picture this: You’ve just moved into your dream home — or you’re planning to — and you’re bursting with excitement to decorate it. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest and Etsy, wandering around Ikea, and scrolling through endless pages of home decor inspiration. But as you start to buy items and carefully place them in your rooms, you realize that everything is beginning to look the same as every other aesthetic and photoshoot-like house you see online. Where’s the personality? The humor? The fun?

You see, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and buy all the cute home decorations that catch your eye. But when your house starts looking like a furniture catalog, it loses its charm — and pretty fast! Time to add some character back into the mix with some funny home decor!

Luckily for us, people seem to have a talent for finding hilarious things, and they can’t resist the temptation to share them with the world. Whether they’re funny signs or some cool room decor we didn’t know existed, they’re guaranteed to make you want to go on a shopping spree. So, get ready to unleash your inner comedian and add some personality back into your living space with these funny home decor items! Here are our favorite finds so far — you’ll get tons of ideas for home interiors and gifts, so check them out and don’t forget to upvote the ones you like the most.

#1 Put Up Our New Toilet Roll Holder And I’m So Chuffed With It Haha. He Just Had To Take Centre Stage!

Image credits: kilberts_home

#2 A Lady Decorated Her Door At A Retirement Home. Too Funny!

Image credits: Up_All_Nite

#3 Amongst My Dad’s Christmas Decorations Is A Set Of Porcelain Angels In A Box Marked “Christmas Angles”

We’ve giggled about this misspelling for years, so this season I finally made him the Christmas angles he deserves.

Image credits: Thepolomarcos

#4 Everyone Kept Hitting Their Heads As They Walked Down My Stairs, So I Hung A Sign As A Warning

Image credits: hot_controller

#5 Some "Inspirational" Home Decor I Made. Just For Fun

Image credits: Shancar

#6 Finally Got This Gem Back Up In Our New Home!

Image credits:

#7 We Were Cleaning Up Our Rental Vacation Home And Found Someone Had Left This Sign In Our Bathroom.

Image credits: Aust1nL33

#8 I’m So Glad We’ve Reached That Time Of The Year When Home Decor Stores Put Out The Good Stuff.

Image credits: ShadowSeal

#9 Decorated My Tree For October… Hope Everyone Finds It Funny As I Do

Image credits: SnooRecipes4570

#10 My Grandmother's Decorative "Spice Jars" From The 50's

Image credits: cerart939

#11 I'm No Longer Allowed To Help With The Xmas Decorations

Image credits: drdalebrant

#12 Relocating Home Depot Halloween Decorations

Image credits: _jonias

#13 Final Touches To A House To Make It A Home

Image credits: JosephRobutusen

#14 This Makes Me Want To Re-Decorate My Tool Shed

Image credits: CidisAwesome

#15 My Parents Just Put Up The Traditional Decorations. I Wanted To See How Long Before They Noticed My Revisions.

Image credits:

#16 So My Mom Is A 1st Grade Teacher And I Helped Her Decorate Her Room. By Far My Favorite Poster

Image credits: xReaper77

#17 Being The Girlfriend, I Was Given The Job To Decorate Our New Home

Image credits: Misskylakandy

#18 Our Friend Is Buying His First Home Today, So We Worked With His Realtor To Be Sure This Is The First Thing Waiting For Him In His Kitchen After Closing

Image credits: InflatableRegret

#19 Girlfriend Brought Home Some New Decor... I Think This One Approves

Image credits: KimmieGibbler

#20 My Favorite House We Trick-Or-Treated At Tonight. This Was Their Only Decoration

Image credits: littlesemi

#21 Home Decor Inspo

Image credits: rosie-roo

#22 Normal Home Decor Is Boring

Image credits: christina_hurd

#23 I Decorated The Empty Cavity Behind My Mirror Today

Image credits: JasterMereel42

#24 Just Moved In And Bought This Sign…finally Feels Like Home

Image credits: interruptingcow_moo

#25 Last Addition To My Christmas House Decorations

Image credits: ahomelessguy

#26 We Set Up The Only Halloween Decoration We Really Need

Image credits: drugstoredivas

#27 My Friend Collects Home Decor That Resembles His Dog

Image credits: PetrRabbit

#28 I Let My Husband Decorate The Bathroom

Image credits: prm7777777

#29 Painted Some Cute Wall Decor

Image credits: animalia

#30 My Daughter Didn't Want Me To Take Down Her Favorite Halloween Decoration, So I Improvised

Image credits: MaMaJillianLeanna

#31 Not Pleased With My Choice Of Home Decor

Image credits: MsRae91

#32 Decided To Decorate My Sister’s Room Before She Comes Home For The Holidays. I Hope She Likes It!!

Image credits: scrambelina

#33 Being Newly Single And Renting A Room In A House, I Figured This Would Be My Best Room Decoration

Image credits: GalacticGarglBlaster

#34 What Definitely Comes To Life At Night Is This Finger Tea Set

Image credits: coldComforts

#35 My Dad Made Me These "Decorative Trees" In His Workshop For Christmas

Image credits: Popecicle

#36 Damage To This Decorative Bird Jar Gives It A Surly Expression

Image credits: Ulexes

#37 So My Wife Bought A Decorative Sign For Our Kitchen

Image credits: chinchilla618

#38 My Neighbors Didn’t Take Down Their Halloween Decorations, But They've Been Adjusting Them For Each Holiday

Image credits: Point21Gigawatts

#39 Funny Home Decor Cushions

Image credits: 18forevertilldeath1

#40 Decided To Surprise My Girlfriend With A New Shower Curtain While She’s Gone For The Day

Image credits: BigMike0228

#41 Mom Asked Me To Decorate For Our NYE Party

Image credits: alfred0nt

#42 Look. At. This. Cute. Sign Do You Have A Personal, Furry, Four-Legged Doorbell?

Image credits: kiwisunshinedesigns

#43 GF Let Me Decorate The Guest Bathroom. This Is Now The View From The Toilet

Image credits: brianito

#44 Really Though, That’s My Spot

Image credits: thegoldwinston

#45 My Mom Is The Best Decorator

Image credits: dymo432

#46 So I Keep Turning My Roommates Latest Owl Decoration Upside Down Because I Think It's Hilarious. She's Not Amused

Image credits: Braaaaaaaaaaves

#47 Home Is Where The Heart Is

Image credits: BrandonC41

#48 I Should Not Be Left Alone In A Home Decorating Store

Image credits: Gohomepatyouredrunk

#49 My Brother Decorated His Fridge For The Holidays

Image credits: dn151864

#50 Our Decor Screams Grown Up. Not Like Mature Adult... But Grown Up

Image credits: Kisskissfish

#51 I Make Home Decor And Needed Something To Remind Everyone Of The Golden Rule

Image credits: Gingerbeardmahn

#52 If My Wife Let Me Pick The Bathroom Decor

Image credits: chavnutsmcchav

#53 I Got To Relocate This Decoration To Where It Belongs

Image credits: majestik1024

#54 My Fiancé Made This. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: superthrust

#55 I Too Like To Update My Girlfriends Decorative Signs

Image credits: Honbomb

#56 Super Mario Brothers Themed Bathroom

Image credits: CharlieOlliver

#57 In Love With This Decor!

#58 Welcoming

Image credits: desieverette

#59 I Sneak This Ornament Onto My Wife’s Meticulously Decorated Tree Every Christmas... She Has Yet To Notice In 3 Years

Image credits: MrNewMoney

#60 Our Christmas Decorations

Image credits: jigitz

#61 For Anyone Else Who's Mother Has A Decoration That Spells Out Christmas In Blocks

Image credits: shesagdb

#62 Husband Not As Thrilled With This Decor Project As I Was

Image credits: neverremembername27

#63 Todays Special

Image credits: Jmschneider

#64 Uninspirational "Home Decor"

Image credits: Shancar

#65 My Husband Decided My Beautiful Floral Guest Bathroom Needed More Wall Decor

Image credits: CasMaSas

#66 My Wife Said I Could Decorate The Guest Bathroom As My Own. Multiple Screams Have Ensued

Image credits: ChefCthulhu

#67 From The Jana Duggar Home Decor Collection

Image credits: ControlOk6711

#68 Found In The Home Decor Section, Probably Should Have Been In The Beer Aisle

Image credits: Atletismo343

#69 This Shower Curtain Arrived In The Mail Today.

As it was opened, my wife about died. Effective immediately, my wife's house decorating privileges have been revoked.

Image credits: XGothWolfX

#70 Wife Can't Figure Out Why I Think We Should Rearrange The Decor. Looks Like Poo To Me

Image credits: MrR0boto

#71 I'm Not Antisocial, I Promise

Image credits: chrisobv

#72 Have You Seen The Remote? No, Have You Checked All Your Pockets?

Image credits: aarsavage

#73 My Wife Went To The Flea Market And Brought Home A Wall Decoration For The Bathroom

Image credits: PaleMorningDude

#74 What Did You Buy With Your Gift Card? Me: Oh, Not Much…

Image credits: thriftyweenqueen

#75 No Kitchen Is Complete Without A Funny Towel

Image credits: southerngracecreationsjax

#76 My Friend Found Some Fine Jina

Image credits: MoonThatNeverSets

#77 Friend Got Some New Wall Decor

Image credits: Bluedude521

#78 My Mil Decorated Me And Husband's Room In Their House And Said It Was For Me. I'm 36

Image credits: geekbydefault

#79 I Made Rick And Morty Inspired Home Decor

Image credits: Shancar

#80 Girlfriend Bought 4th Of July Decorations At The Dollar Store. Look What We Got

Image credits: derekusc

#81 Galloping Into Your Sunday Morning With These Quirky Chunky Horses

Image credits: lmtdesign.official

#82 Found This In A Food Court. Not In Front Of A Store Or Something, Just Kinda... There

Image credits: PhoShizzity

#83 Bathroom Themed Decor

Image credits: TheBrotherBean

#84 Some Animal Butt Coasters

Image credits: jdorneydesigns

#85 Confusing Wall Decor At My Mom's House

Image credits: to_the_hunt

#86 If Only There Was Some Other Utensil They Could Have Put On This Kitchen Decoration

Image credits: Engineer_Toast

#87 My Buddy’s House Has Some Interesting Decorations

Image credits: Tjb2000

#88 Seat Warmers?

Image credits: glorious_cheese

#89 Shome Wee Homet

Image credits: toploz

#90 Caaaaaarl, What Did You Do?

Image credits: BeatsByDreidel

#91 I Had This "Neon" (LED) Sign Custom Made For My Living Room

It's a weird phrase me and my fiance use to describe the cats howling, having "Crying fun". Highly recommend measured eccentricity in your home, life's short!

Image credits: Chazzyphant

#92 This Hand Candle

Image credits: rosseepoo

#93 Homemade "Inspirational" Home Decor: Keeping It Simple

Image credits:

#94 My Take On Inspirational Home Decor

Image credits: Shancar

#95 I Call These My ‘Summer Decorations’

Image credits: canadiangiggles

#96 Home Is Where The Dog Is Food Apparently

Image credits: MaskedRedacted

#97 This Pillow, Makes Me Smile Every Time I See It On My Daybed

Image credits: sander_and_saw

#98 Let's Home

Image credits: tykit2RIDE

#99 Wbeleusuve To Our Home

Image credits: Singer-Such

#100 Pineapple Head

Image credits: mam.rajceramics

#101 My Kind Of Home Decor!

Image credits: rosieposie-89

#102 Girlfriends Mom Got Us A Halloween Decoration... No, It's Not Broken... It Just Says "Happy"

Image credits: ViolentOstrich

#103 Biblically Accurate Vase

Image credits: lins_place

#104 A Foot Stool

Image credits: PermianExtinction

#105 The Kitchen Heart Is The Of The Home

Image credits: Jdude64

#106 I Found This In The Home Decor Section Of My Local Thrift Store. I Had To Do A Double Take While Reading The First Word

Image credits: mslaw10

#107 Boot Mirror At A Hostel In New Orleans

Image credits: sebestyen13

#108 May I Present The Jeans Mirror, Or Jirror If You Will

Image credits: DanFaulkner

#109 A House Without A Is Not A Cat Home

Image credits: olaf_ravn

#110 My Mum Bought This At A Home Decor Shop Years Ago. I Never Read What It’s Intended To Say

Image credits: noviboy123

#111 This Fugly Horny Chair For $985

Image credits: funky_fart_smeller

#112 This Church Pamphlet At The Old Folks Home

Image credits: baddogg1231

#113 "Nature The Rotection Earth Nature Otection Ea" Home Decoration

Image credits: nihilisthippie

#114 Does Anyone Else Do Weird Stuff With Decorating Their Room? My Crucified Kermit Is Hilarious To Me For Some Reason

Image credits: moosewalker52

#115 Home Xweel Home

Image credits: Spliffard

#116 This Sign Is Supposed To Say "Home" But It Says" Hame" Instead

Image credits: Sparkle-Water

#117 Crappy Home Decor I Think?

Image credits: doggtizzle

#118 Believe The Kitchen Heart Home

Image credits: LadyAskaroth

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