100+ Gift Ideas for Men for Christmas


The ultimate gift ideas for men and daddies on Christmas Day!

Men are notoriously hard to buy for – so here is a very broad list of more than 100 things men and dads might like for this Christmas!

200 Gift Ideas for Men | Stay at Home Mum

A Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Smoking is SO IN RIGHT NOW.  No – not the cigarette kind – the barbecue kind of smoker!  This smoker can cook veggies, sausages, juicy and tender ribs or that great big piece of fillet.

Stockist: Catch for $79.00

charmate | Stay at Home

The  Book ‘The Barefoot Investor’ by Scott Pape

Image result for 2. The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

The best money guide you will ever need.  The Barefoot Investor is a step by step guide to creating a financial plan to manage your money in 10 minutes per week!

Stockist: Available from

Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauces Gift Pack

Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauces Gift Pack | Stay At Home Mum

The delicious smooth flavour of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is instantly recognisable and one bloke the world over adore. Most famously sipped mixed with Coca Cola, ‘JD’ is the drink of choice for the manly man; a meat-eating, machine-loving macho dude who isn’t afraid to have the back of his throat burn a little.

If you know someone who loves meat and loves JD, then we have the perfect gift for them – the Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce Gift Pack. These three barbecue sauces take that iconic JD flavour and use it as a base for delicious, mouth-watering brush-on barbecue deliciousness in three whiskey-riffic flavours – Original, Jalapeño Chilli and Smoky Tomato & Onion – to take your barbecued meats from average to Jack Daniel’s Spectacular!

The sauces come beautifully gift-boxed in a Jack Daniel’s print carton and are officially licensed by Mr Daniel himself. There’s no better present for Jack Daniel’s loving meat man than one that combines his two favourite things – meat and whiskey!

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling HeadphonesSony WH 1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Silver Catch com au | Stay at Home

We love the Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones.  Let Dad listen to his favourite podcasts or music in peace.  Great for work too – uninterrupted silence!

Stockist: Catch for $324.00

Cards Against Humanity is the infamous party game turning friends into enemies since its inception. Warning: do NOT play this game if you are easily offended. Because offence is guaranteed.

Cards Against Humanity (Australian Edition)Cards Against Humanity Starter Pack Australian Edition Catch com au | Stay at Home

The rules are simple: each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else chooses their funniest white card to answer the question with. The questioner chooses which they think is the funniest answer. get the funniest answers to win the game.

Perfect as a housewarming or special occasion gift for the friend or family member who has everything, Cards Against Humanity is sure to bring laughs (and tears!).


Catch for $34.95

The Bookworm Dad

man reading book | Stay at Home Mum

Crime or Thriller Book

The 10 Worst Serial Killers by McQueen, Victor: Good Paperback (2017) |  HPB-Ruby

This collection focuses solely on the true stories behind the very worst real-life serial killers from across the globe— dad will either enjoy this or call mom to rescue!

Stockist: Available at Catch for only $10.80

Graphic Novels and Manga Meadowlark: A Coming-of-Age Crime Story: 9781538714577: Hawke,  Ethan, Ruth, Greg: Books

Tension and anger threaten to boil over as both father and son try to understand their role in the world and one other’s lives. This intriguing graphic novel, as emotionally powerful as it is physically magnificent, will appeal to lovers of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men and Terrence Malick’s Badlands.

Stockist: Available at Catch for only $$52.49!

Horror Behind the Horror: True Stories That Inspired Horror Movies ( True Crime Uncovered): 9781465492388: Mellor, Dr. Lee: Books

Discover the twisted stories that spawned the biggest screams on the big screen with your great hero!

Stockist: Available at Catch for only $24.99!


Hitler: Volume I: Ascent 1889-1939 by Volker Ullrich (2016-03-03): Volker  Ullrich: Books

While detailing Hitler’s life from boyhood to the eve of the Second World War against the backdrop of the times, Ullrich reveals the man behind the public persona—his attractive and repulsive features, strengths and faults, deep-seated fears and homicidal desires.

Stockist: Available at Catch for only $39.49!

A Dymocks Gift Card so he can choose his own book

Dymocks Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers | Buy Online | Prezzee

Letting dad choose his own book? He’ll definitely jump out of excitement!

Stockist: Available at Dymocks

The Retired Dad or Granddad

Movie tickets

Cinebuzz On Demand | Home | Watch On Demand

Give your man his well-deserved movie night and get some popcorn, too!

Stockist: Available at CineBuzz

Fluffy Socks

Men's 3 Pack Work Technology Hike Socks - Black

Warm feet in the cold season— also, bring some hot cup of freshly brewed coffee!

Stockist: Available at Target

A jigsaw puzzle

Educational Puzzles Extend the Benefits of Jigsaws – Nurture for the Future

Bring the excitement up to the next level! Make sure to help him out before he got doodly eyes!

Stockist: Available at The Games Capital

A copy of the newspaper from the day he was born

Newspaper From The Day You Were Born - birthday or anniversary gift

Let the oldies know their origins! After all, who would’ve thought? You might be related to some of the big celebs out there!

Stockist: Available at Paper World

A couple of scratchies or a lotto ticket


Lotto tickets is one sure-fire way to excite grandpa! Be sure to be with him when the winning numbers are being announced!

Stockist: Available at Australia Gambling

New alarm clock

11.5Cm Quartz Bell Clock | Stay at Home

Hard to get up in the morning? Or pops just want to start the day early? This classic alarm clock will definitely make him out of bed!

Stockist: Temple And Webster

A set of slippers


Super comfy in the feet and dad will love it!

Stockist: David Jones

Sudoku Toilet Paper

Sudoku Toilet Paper

If you know someone who can’t get enough of the numbers game, help is on the way!

Stockist: Available on Yellow Octopus at $9.99!

Crossword Puzzle Books

Cryptic Crosswords (The Guardian) : A collection of 200 perplexing puzzles - The Guardian

Ahhh, a classic pastime for oldies!

Stockist: Available at Booktopia

A stable table (to eat in front of the TV)

Stable Table Charcoal - Minki Bazaar

My dad is a big fan of this one! Can eat without missing every episode of his favourite movie!

Stockist: Available on ILC Australia

Home made fudge or peanut brittle or honeycomb

7a1cadfee12da1d5053745cf205a69a7 | Stay at Home

Or… why not just create something for him? He will surely appreciate it!

The Sporty or Sports Enthusiast Dad

man playing golf | Stay at Home Mum

A Pedometer or inexpensive Heart Monitor for jogging

LATEST UPGRADED] Xiaomi Redmi M5 Smart Bracelet Waterproof Smart Band Smart  Bracelet Watch Sport Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker | Shopee Philippines

Perfect for daddies who’s always on the go!

Stockist: Available on Catch at $35.97!

iFit Band

Fitbit Charge 5 Blue Steel/Platinum - Fitness tracker Fitbit on LDLC

Let him keep track and take fully in charge of his health with this iFit band!

Stockist: Available on Catch at $269.95!

Tickets for a Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge climb: New 'Ultimate' route covers full span of the  arch

A unique adventure for the best dad!

Stockist: Available at Bridge Climb Sydney

Environmentally friendly ear phones for his iPod

5 Eco-Friendly Headphones & Earphones for the Music Lover - Think Sound

Well, this is new and he’ll enjoy his music without feeling guilt about mother nature!

Stockist: Available on Eco Warrior

New golf balls

ball tp5%2021%20dz%20yell 3 70884.1619732976 | Stay at Home

An ideal gift for a golf-head dad!

Stockist: Available at GolfBox

Take him to Mini Golf

Banner image of golf course

If the new golf balls excite him, how much more if you’ll take him to the actual game?!

Stockist: Available on Golf Australia

Take him Abseiling

Abseiling and Lunch in the Blue Mountains

An abseiling trip will get your heart racing. You’ll feel accomplished and elated after being repelled vertically from dizzying heights. Don’t forget to enjoy the view on the way down!

Stockist: Available on RedBalloon

Set of new car mats

MODESTO PVC Car Floor Mats, Rs 170 /set Neha Plastic | ID: 3780372355

A new car mat to make dad’s car look great!

Stockist: Available on Catch at $48.00!

V8 Driving Experience

V8 Race Car Driving 6 Laps - Sydney

Prepare to feel the power and thrill of a V8 supercar!

Stockist: Available on RedBallon!

Dart Board and Dart Set


This one’s is an ideal set especially if he has a man-cave of his own!

Stockist: Available on Dart World Australia

Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro  60 Minutes

Still not too late for pops to learn new stuff!

Stockist: Available on RedBalloon!

The Outdoorsy Dad

A Tackle Box

Let him enjoy what he loves and be with a community that shares the same interest— he’ll surely admire you for it!

Stockist: Available at Tackle Box

A new tent

Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Silver Series Evo Shade Awning Accessory

You’re so lucky to have an outdoorsy dad! You will never run out of activity ideas.

Stockist: Available at TentWorld

Clay Target Shooting

Clay Target Shooting - Epping

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon

A set of lures or hooks

RUI Squid Jig White UV Clear Glow AKA TERMINATOR Egi Fishing Lure Size 4.0

Help him get that fishy!

Stockist: Available on EBay at AU$ 12.99!

A Water Blaster

Monsoon 140 ABMONSS140 png | Stay at Home

High-pressure water cleaners are designed for tough Australian cleaning!

Stockist: Available at Aussie Pumps

Gardening Gloves

Briers All Season Garden Glove - Garden Products

This one is for the dad and grandpops who can’t get over their plants and herbs.

Stockist: Available at Garden Products AU

Paintball or Skirmish Day with Mates

Paintball Experience  For 6  Appin NSW

Bring the game face on!

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

A broad rimmed hat

akubra bronco sand hats 100 2.1517291175 | Stay at Home

Unleash the Don in him! Ready to take the cattle off the rack with this hat.

Stockist: Available at Hats By The 100

A barbecue tool set

Davis & Waddell Flinders Acacia BBQ Tool | Kitchen Warehouse™

Who wouldn’t love to own their new set of these?! Let him bring the Gordon Ramsay in him!

Stockist: Available at Kitchen Warehouse

A barbecue apron

grumpy old man bbq apron | Stay at Home

The best apron for the dad who loves to cook!

Stockist: Available at Dadshop

A meat tray

Fast Defrosting Meat Tray FDA Approved - Large Miracle Aluminium Thawing  Plate 9352827005197 | eBay

Replace his old tray with this sleek meat tray!

Stockist: Available on Catch at $39.99!

A compass

Image 1 - Multifunctional Teaching Compass Outdoor for Children's Toys and Military EO_ex

A must need for dads who love to go on adventures!

Stockist: Available on eBay

A new waterproof torch

LED Torch Shop

Now he can dive at ease with this awesome diving torch!

Stockist: Available at LedTorchShop

Beach towel

Kassatex Block Stripe Fouta Beach Towel: BedBathHome.Com

A nice and comfy towel for his beach escapades!

Stockist: Available on Pillow Talk at $39.95!

 The Cultured Dad

A Ghost Tour

Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

Is he a fan of horror movies? Then bring him to a live one!

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

A subscription for so he can research his family tree

Give Your Ancestors a Place in History
via Family Search

Curious about his ancestral family? Then this one will definitely get his interest!

Stockist: Available at Ancestry


71232 | Stay at Home

Great for hunting and best for any adventures in particular!

Stockist: Available at Australian Geographic

Railway Museum Tour

Mary Valley Rattler Steam Train Experience  Sunday

Step back in time on the Mary Valley Rattler, a wonderfully preserved steam train. Enjoy the lovely return trip through the picturesque Mary Valley of Gympie before departing from the old Gympie Station.

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

A Day on a Tall Ship or Racing Yacht

Midweek Boat and Breakfast Stay in Port Stephens  2 Nights

Enjoy the stunning views and tranquillity of Port Stephens, while waking up to a delicious breakfast. Isn’t it lovely?

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

Drawing or Painting Lessons

Stone Sculpture For Your Home Or Garden

How about beautiful sculptures for your house and garden? This is a genuinely unique and easy experience. In one day, you’ll get the skills and confidence to construct an outstanding stone sculpture to proudly display at home!

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

A Bungee Jump

Tower Bungy Jump

This Bungy Jump will have your adrenaline pounding whether you Bungy Jump into the water or not. If you like extreme sports, you can’t miss the tower Bungy Jump!

Stockist: Available at RedBalloon!

The Musical Dad

the musical dad | Stay at Home Mum

iPad or MP3 Player

Framed and Signed Photograph of his favourite artist

Wireless Headphones

A Turntable

Waterproof Shower Speaker

The Handyman Dad

handyman 1030x458 | Stay at Home

A gift card for his local Hardware Store

Bunnings Gift Card presented on iPad.

Nothing will surely excite him more than a trip to his favourite local hardware!

Stockist: Available at Bunnings

New tool bag

Canvas Tool Bag Box 28 Storage Pocket Nylon Tool Roll Pouch Holder TE190 - AB  Tools Online

Suitable for DIY or professional use, this professional tool bag is particularly popular with tradesmen who need to transport a tool kit to a job.

Stockist: Available on Catch at $46.13!

Explorer socks

Explorer Mens Tough Work Crew Socks 3pk

To do rigorous work, you need a durable sock, which is why this Crew sock is ideal for the dad’s job!

Stockist: Bonds Outlet

Allen Key Set

Kincrome Australia - AIRR

A set of Allen keys for his beloved equipment!

Stockist: Kincrome

Mini Screwdriver Set

Kincrome 8pce TorqueMaster Screwdriver Set - K5521

Believe me, when I say— he NEEDS this!

Stockist: Just Tools

The Dad Who Likes to Take Care of Himself

likes to take care of himself

A good razor and shaving cream

TIGI Bed Head Bed Head For Men Smooth Mover Shave Cream 5.07 oz (Pack of 3)  -

Spoil him with his favourite pamper-me tools!

Stockist: Catch

Yearly subscription of Men’s Health

Men's Health magazine cover

A guide to staying fit and healthy!

Stockist: iSubscribe

An electric toothbrush

1551712339531261335? | Stay at Home

Oh, the key to healthy teeth and gums!

Stockist: Harvey Norman

A shaving mirror (non-fogging)

Fogless Shower Mirror for shaving , fog free Bathroom Mirror with Razor  Holder,Shaving Mirror with Locking

Fog and moisture are always the problems whenever they shave. Give him the solution and let him remove that hair with ease!

Stockist: Catch

A beard trimmer

010274 | Stay at Home

He may be still using an old trimmer and now is the time to give him a new one!

Stockist: Shaver Shop

Electric shaver

Philips Series 9000 Prestige Wet & Dry Electric Shaver with SkinIQ Technology

And… yes! Another good find!

Stockist: Harvey Norman

Hair gel or wax

logo | Stay at Home

Let him look sleek and sexy when his hair is well-groomed!

Stockist: Shop Naturally

Nose Hair Trimmer

009855 | Stay at Home

His nose hair is probably out and proud now! Time to get rid of it!

Stockist: Shaver Shop

The Tech Savvy or Gamer Dad

Gift Ideas for Fathers Day | Stay at Home Mum

A Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Cooler Master CK530 V2 TKL RGB, TTC Blue Switches

Nothing will excite a gamer dad more than having a new and sleep gaming keyboard!

Stockist: TechBuy

Mobile Phone Skin

PS4 Controller Skin - Rainbow Swirl | SkinWraps Australia

Techies always want their gadgets to look good and sleek!

Stockist: SkinWraps

Wireless Speakers

srsxg500 sony srs xg500 x series portable party speaker handle 2 | Stay at Home

Pairing his gaming PC with an awesome wireless speaker is definitely a YES SIR!!

Stockist: Harvey Norman

Virtual Reality Headset

Vr Headset with Remote Controller[New Version], 3D Glasses Virtual Reality  Headset for VR Games & 3D Movies, Eye Care System for iPhone and Android  Smartphones -

Welcome him to the future of virtual reality!

Stockist: Catch

iTunes Voucher

The gift card for everything Apple

A gift card for every apple fan!

Stockist: Apple AU

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Powered by the Dark Side Darth Vader Decal Vinyl Cut Car image 1

I will definitely buy it for my husband!!

Stockist: Etsy

Retro Computer Game like Donkey Kong

Links | Retro Domination

Nothing beats the classic!

Stockist: Fully Retro

Star Wars Lunch Box

Star Wars Original Trilogy Millennium Falcon Insulated Lunchbox (224214) |  Ideal World

A vibe of his favourite movie even during mealtime! Who wouldn’t love that??

Stockist: Catch

Vouchers to a Hi Fi store

giftcards hero | Stay at Home

Gift Cards from JB Hi-Fi are the ideal present for any occasion, big or small!

Stockist: JB Hi-Fi

Lav Nav Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

f1125f0d8a89635e978328ba34a91fd6 | Stay at Home

When you approach the toilet in the dark, the light turns on, and when you leave, the light turns off, glowing gently!

Phone charger for the car

Belkin Travel Charge Kit

He’ll never have any excuses again about his phone dying out when he goes out with the boys!

Stockist: Harvey Norman

Star Wars USB Flash Drive

m img 28484 | Stay at Home

May the Flash Be With You!

Stockist: PC World

LED Tap lights

2x Philips HUE Tap Switch Remote Control for Lighting Smart LED Lights  Lightbulb | Philips Online | TheMarket New Zealand

The Philips Hue tap switch can be used in the same way as a standard wall switch. Using screws or the sticky tape on the rear plate of the switch, you can position it wherever you wish!

Stockist: Catch

The Business Dad

Father and Baby1

Business Card Holder

Genuine Leather Card Holder Personalised Mens Womens Handmade image 1

A lot of stuff going on and this business card holder will definitely help him organize!

Stockist: Etsy

Leather wallet

Personalized Monogrammed Engraved Genuine Leather Bifold Mens image 1

A leather wallet for the best dad and on-the-go man!

Stockist: Etsy

Motorised Tie Rack


Help him stay modern and organized with this awesome motorised tie rack!

Stockist: The Tie Land

Comic Strip Photo Frame

ComicMount™ Comic Book Frame Display System  Invisible and image 1

Make his home office look a bit more relaxed with his fave comic book!

Stockist: Etsy

Superman Socks

Marvel Socks And Cufflinks Groomsmen Wedding Marvel DC Captain image 1

A cool man deserves cool and awesome socks! His meeting buddies will definitely be amused!

Stockist: Etsy

Pen Set

Parker 51 Ballpoint Pen Midnight Blue Resin 0.7mm

A busy and always working dad needs something he can always rely on. And his pens are almost always his best pal!

Stockist: Officeworks

Toiletry Bag or travel bag

Large Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag for Men and Women Waterproof Makeup  Organizer Bag at Rs 420/piece | Toiletry Bag | ID: 22041988888

A handy toiletry bag is his best buddy when he is out on business travels.

Stockist: Catch

A Man Satchel

Double Oak Mills - Alfie Leather Satchel

This satchel is a must-have especially during his meeting with the bosses!

Stockist: The Iconic

Travel Mug

Free (or Inexpensive) Gifts that Kids Can Make:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make Dad happy. Getting the kids involved to make something special that comes from the heart can be just the perfect thing! Here are some suggestions for you!

Image result for dad opening gift

Via express

Personalised Mug

Personalised Text and Photo Upload Mug | Moonpig

Nothing is sweeter than a mug that has your prints on it.

Stockist: Moonpig

Hand Print Art


Hand print arts never gets old!

Stockist: Direct Art

Car Wash Kit

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash 1.89 Litre, , scaau_hi-res

You can also him with car washing! He will surely appreciate it.

Stockist: Supercheap Auto

Coupons to Help Dad Out around the House

Father's Day coupon ideas

Men may not say it loudly but they will appreciate a helping hand with the chores. And if you can’t do that because of your busy schedule, you can just give this coupon to him!

Stockist: The Joy of Boys

World’s Greatest Dad certificate

SuperDad Printable (Add-a-Photo)

HE DESERVES IT! Our dad is our best superhero.

Stockist: American Greeting

Another great idea for a gift is to get something repaired that he already owns. Maybe his computer needs a defrag and a check for viruses? Or his lawnmower needs a service? Practical gifts are just as popular and means you can tick another thing off your ‘to fix’ list! Just make sure you grab him a pair of jocks and a king size block of chocolate to go with it.

What are you giving your Dad for Christmas this year? What about your hubby?

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