10 Things I Love Sunday


Things have been moving along in the last stages of our main floor home renovation! Our new main bathroom is “done” (just adding in shelves and towel holders, etc.) and I got the banquette I’ve been slowly working on for almost a year finished.

So, the kitchen is just about to checked off the list (I’ll share the DIY with you soon!). It’s amazing to think about where the house was when we started (you can see before photos in Sneak Peek at Laura’s New House and some after photos here) and where we are now 18 months later.

I feel grateful constantly for what we’ve been able to do and how much I love the results so far. Here’s what else I love this week!

Pink banquette in kitchen

1. The cutest spring outfit

2. If anyone else has been watching the Netflix Formula 1 series, you’ll understand why I want one of these to wear while we watch races at home now. I was NOT into racing at all until we heard how good that series is, and all the hype was true—it’s so fun to watch now.

3. I lost the little gratitude journal I was using during a recent renovation phase, but I found this one at Target and it’s great. It has a beginning of the day portion and an end of the day section, so you can set your intention for the day and then look back on what ended up happening.

I like that there’s a section to write down things you did for others that day, as well as things you did for yourself.

As a working mom, it’s a good daily reminder that it’s not only OK, but necessary, to make sure there are things in each day that are just for you. And, it has it’s own pen and pen holder which is good since I can never find a pen when I want one, haha.

4. I bought items from this bathroom hardware set for the new bathroom … they are so pretty!

5. Filling Lola’s Easter basket is so fun for me. I got her a ton of stuff from here, and I think she’ll be most excited about this nail polish set (water based), this Calico Critter family, and this jumbo dino coloring poster.

Looking for Easter DIY ideas? Check out my Bunny Pom Pom Wreath DIY or Mandarin Easter Bunny Craft For Kids!

6. The print above my banquette is one of my favorites (it’s sold out now) but I also love this one by the same artist.

7. I would totally wear this as an Easter dress.

8. I love a cute kiddo pj set, and I got Lola these and these for spring/summer. I usually buy pjs a little big so we can get two seasons out of them.

9. I finally got my favorite everyday bra in black and it’s still my go-to bra after 5-6 years of being a loyal customer to that style.

Having a large cup size with a small band size (and now being post-nursing) is kind of a bra recipe for disaster when you want support (but not a granny bra) and it’s literally the only bra I’ve found that makes me feel good in my clothes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

10. I’m taking this cute swimsuit on vacation next month to the beach, but I also have my eye on this daisy one.

We’re getting ready to hit the beach in April (been waiting three years to go on this trip as it kept getting cancelled and delayed over and over) with my family, and I can’t wait to have all the little cousins together and feel the joy that always brings me.

Maybe I’ll refresh myself on Keely’s tips for How to Prep for a Spray Tan (and Make It Last)! before I go! xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s last week’s 10 Things Sunday post in case you missed it!

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