10 Camping Cookware Basics Every Camp Cook Needs


best camping cookware for open fire

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So you've got your tent, some hiking boots, and some bug spray. That's about all you need for tent camping, right? Well, not exactly. You gotta eat don't you? Today we rounded up the best camping cookware for an open fire. No large and in charge camping stove that connects to your trailer. These are the best cooking sets specifically for campfire cooking. Minimal and made for the open flame, this campfire cookware is perfect for backpackers, car camping, and tent campers.

Taking on outdoor cooking can be a daunting task, especially since you can't run to the store if you forgot something. That's why having a camping cookware set packed and ready to go at a moment's notice is the best backpacking trick. To keep everything organized for a last-minute camping trip, store your camping cook set in a large plastic tub.

Can I Use Any Cookware over an Open Fire?

When it comes to cooking over an open flame, cast iron is the way to go. Cast iron cookware can nheat your food slowly and evenly, making it the best camping cookware for an open fire. The only downside is the weight as well as the ability to rust if you do not take care of the cast iron pan properly. Next up is stainless-steel. A stainless steel pot can have a high heat tolerance. Just make sure to get a high-quality pan to prevent a metal-taste in your food. Lastly, Anodized aluminum is also a great addition to your camp kitchen. Unlike regualr aluminum which can easily burn food, Anodized aluminum has a durable finish to it, making the cooking experience slightly better.

10 Items to Include in Your Camping Cookware Mess Kit

1. Camp Chef Ultralight Stryker Multi-Fuel Outdoor Camping Stove

camping stove

Lightweight and fuel-efficient, this canister camp stove can rapid boil .5 liters of water in under two minutes. This stove features Camp Chef Heat Ring Technology, which increases heat distribution and lowers fuel consumption.

2. Stanley Adventure Nesting Two Cup Camp Cook Set

nesting cups

This stainless steel cooking set is the best camping cookware set for backpacking. The 4-piece set includes a stainless-steel pot with locking handle, stainless steel lid, and two insulated cups. With this kind of versatility, camping cooking with this camping gear could mean stew, chowder, or a mean cup of joe.

3. Ozark Trail Two-Person 11-Piece Table Set


How can you enjoy open fire cooking without some plates and forks? This two-person set includes dinner plates, forks, spoons, knifes, cups, and a storage bag. The set is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a snap once you get back home.

4. Ozark Trail 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set, Pre-seasoned

cast iron skillet

Nothing says camping than a cast iron skillet pan set! These heavy-duty pans can take on everything a normal frying pan can, making this piece of cookware versatile for anything like hot dogs to hamburgers. Make sure to use a towel or pot holder when using this pan, the handle gets hot under high temperatures.


5. Coleman 5 Pieces Aluminum Camping Mess Kit


Made for one, this mess set complete with foldable handles includes everything you might need on the hiking trail. The non-stick coating pot set includes a 7" frying pan, 6 oz pot with lid, 6.5" deep-dish plate and 8 oz aluminum cup. Build for durability, the non-stick pans are small enough to place in your pack.

6. Camp Chef Lumberjack 24" x 16" Grill Cooking Surface


Putting a pan directly on the coals can sometimes be messy. Thankfully this collapsible grilling surface keeps dirt and debris out of your cooking as well as provides a grilling surface for your catch of the day.

7. REDCAMP Camping Cookware Set with Stove


Looking for a camping cookware set that has it all? This REDCAMP set comes complete with camping pots and lids, a tool card, stove, utensils, and a survival bracelet.

8. 11 Piece Camp Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set


Keep organized (and stylish) at the same time with this utensil carrying case. Water-resistant, this grill kit comes with 11 grill tools including knives, tongs, spatula, ladle, and spice jars.

9. Deenee's Cooking Utensils Set


Have you ever ruined a pan or large pot because of a metal cooking utensil? This set of teak spatulas and spurtles is great for camping due to their non-scratch nature and the ease of cleanup. The round edges are perfect for non-stick coating.

10. Mini Personal Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker


Spice it up with this portable salt and pepper shaker! Compact enough for backpacking, the container is spillproof and makes it easy to season your scrambled eggs and bacon.

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